BBNaija Day 16 Recap

We all Know Sundays as the nomination for eviction day. It was no different on Day 16 in biggie’s house but before the nomination show, it was a day filled with mixed emotions with fights and gossips to spice up the day. The day as usual, started with the morning exercise after which food was made and breakfast was served to everyone.


The gossips began when all the male housemates started denying their supposed ship in the house. A ship is a situation where a guy and a girl are always seen together, move together, practically so things dating persons do while in the house. I think the reason for the denial by the fellow make housemate- Cross, Boma and Saga was the attention they were seeking from the new housemate – Queen. Boma was seen denying Jackie B to get Queen’s attention

BBNAIJA: Queen, Boma and Other Housemate gossiping

While on these was going on, Jackie B on the other hand was bonding with the new male housemate, Michael. All day, Jackie was with Michael, discussing her family tree while also showing Michael some pictures to back it up.


Prior before Day 16, a truth or dare game was played where Angel was dared to touch Kayvee’s manhood and as well kiss him, Angel did and it was obvious Angel’s ship in the house – Sammie was nit pleased. This led to a build up of emotions within Sammie and as a result, caused a bit if tension between the Sammie- Angel Ship. Sammie in an attempt to show his displeasure at Angel’s action resulted into gossiping About Angel to other housemate. He was seen the piece of his mind at the displeasure of Angel’s action.

BBNaija: Sammie making his displeasure as regards Angel's actions known

The task to choose the new Head of House for the new week began. Games began, housemates played and former US Military, Pere was the winner. BOMA handed the seal of head of house to Pere and that was the end to that.

BBNaija: Pere won the head of house for the 3rd week


They nomination for eviction show began. Housemates were called by Big Brother to nominate whichever housemate they want for eviction. At the end, Arin, Tega, Saga, Princess, Emmanuel and Nini were nominated for eviction. Big Brother tasked Pere, the new head of house to exercise hos veto power by saving one housemate among those up for nomination and replace with another housemate not up for eviction. Surprisingly, Pere replaced Saga with Saskay (that was unexpected if you ask me). Well, it’s a game and it seems no one is ready to play by the books.


BBNaija: Pere saves Saga and Replaces him with Saskay

Towards the end the nomination show, Big Brother asked Pere to choose his Deputy Head of House of which he chose Maria( Now, that was expected). The housemate picked would go on for a week in the house while viewers vote for whoever they want in the house.


After the show, Arin, one of the nominated housemate went on to lament and gossip to Nini and others as why she was nominated for eviction. According to her, she was nominated because she’s outspoken and never bows to oppression( smiles. that’s ridiculous though)


When it seemed that all was done for the day, while other housemates were playing their usual truth or dare game, a fight broke out between Sammie and Angel. Apparently, Sammie was still not pleased with Angel’s initial action and tried to talk to her about it but it seemed, Angel wasn’t ready for the conversation. Angel hurl abusive words at Sammie while Sammie was all quiet till he could not take it any longer. The frustrated young man indirectly Slut-shamed Angel and the whole house was not plwa with that. The house intervened and the situation was contained.

BBNaija: Sammie and Angel during the heated arguments BBNaija: Sammie and Pere during a fight

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