The fifth Monday in the Big Brother’s house is Day 30 which is usually nomination Monday and Head of House games.


Before the show, the producers of the reality TV show had announced a general house address by Biggie to the house.


Before the Head of House games, Boma was seen gossiping about Queen. During the fake eviction show, Boma was asked about choosing Angel over Queen. Boma then felt he was every girl’s dream so he resulted to feeling himself and talking about Queen.


Queen on the other hand has been feeling dejected and rejected since the fake eviction show as she didn’t believe Boma could refer to her as a option.


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JMK in another part of the house was see discussing with Angel as regards what the housemates perceived of her. According to her, she’s every housemates least favorite.


It was time for Head of House game and all housemates were asked to go to the Arena. At the end of the game, Liqourose won the Head of House game.


It was time for the general address of the house by the Big Brother. Big brother called out Pere, Maria and JMK for continuous mic infringement and were given a strike each.


Also, Biggie sternly warned the house to stop indirectly campaigning for votes. He also highlighted that the whole house is guilty of whispering which is against the game. He the decided that the following morning, the details of the general house punishment would be disclosed to through the head of house.


It was time for the eviction nomination process. Housemates were asked to nominate each two housemate for eviction. At the end of the process, Pere, Maria, JMK, Peace, Sammie were the nominated housemate for eviction. Head of House was asked to use her veto power to save and replace. She replaced peace with Cross.


The night ended with a film show with the head of house and her selected four housemates.

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