Saturdays in the big brother house are known for short, boring day in the house asides the Saturday night party, no activity really pops up.


Let’s give the brief highlight of the day. The day began with with Pere and Maria’s issue. Recall that Pere had told JMK and Angel about ‘fingering’ Maria. The whole story leaked and Maria was not pleased.


Maria cried for the large part of the day as she denied Pere’s claim. She wept as housemates patted her. It was a rollercoaster of emotions as this would be the first emotional moment of Maria in the house.


Another section of the show and the obvious highlight of the show was the Johnny Walker themed party. DJ Wysei partied with the housemates as she drops back to back old school and new school hip hop music. Nini and Saga was seen almost all through the party caressing and grinding. Emmanuel and Rose on the other hand were free birds for the large part of the party.




After the party, Emmanuel and Rose did a little bit of Public Display of Affection as the both kissed deeply for over 5 minutes. Saskay was the hype woman of the moment as she was giving different commentaries to go with the moment.


In another part of the house, Maria And Pere were seen discussing their issue. Pere seems guilty and remorseful as she begs Maria. Maria on the other hand was not taking any of what Pere was saying. She seems furious but Kayode denied us the full part of the conversation.


Pere and Whitemoney seems to be going along well now as he said that he is now loving Whitemoney more everyday.


Sunday is the eviction show and we are yet to know who is going to leave the show. Stay tuned as we bring to you, the live eviction show.

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