I did not lead Maria on—Pere(video)

The shine ya eye top 6 housemates; Whitemoney, liquorose, Pere, Cross, Angel and Emmanuel have been busy with their media rounds since they came out of the house.

Excerpts from Pere’s media round with lagostalks, revealed a lot about what happened in the house with him and Maria, from their closeness in the house to their friendship.

When he was asked what was going on with him and Maria, he said:

“It was just two people in a confined state, who got to know each other to some extent, that was what it was, yeah”

When asked if he think he lead her on he replied saying: “No of course not, because I mean, she was very clear that she had a boyfriend and I told her at the same time that I had a girlfriend

He insists he never lead her on, see video below,

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