I’d win a grammy award very soon – Slimcase


Slimcase, a singer, has vowed that he will one day win the Grammy Award.

In an interview with Nancy Isime on ‘Trending,’ Otunba Lamba, who prides himself on being the first industry hypeman with hit songs, claimed this.

Slimcase also shared his belief that he will one day work as a hype guy for famous people all over the world.

Slimcase – Eze Ego ft. Daisy

“I know, I’m confident that one day, I’ll stand on this platform and hype for Drake,” he stated. I’ll make a big deal out of all of these big-name celebs. You won’t believe it when I tell you that.

“No one imagined that last year when I was doing all those naughty things on Instagram, that same naughty platform would still be a platform for major up-and-coming rappers nobody had ever heard of.” ‘What will Slimcase do with rap?’ they never considered.

“The EP I’m now working on is a classic, and it’s Grammy standard,” he concluded. I’ll remind you when it’s time for me to collect Grammy… Nancy, if you’re reading this, I know you’re out there… “Remind them, everyone.”

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