Ckay Breaks Yet Another Record As He Becomes The First African Act To Debut on Billboard IAC


Nigerian singer, Ckay has become the first African act to debut on the Billboard Independent Album Charts.


The news of this record breaking achievement came in on the 7th of October, 2021 after it was announced by PR company on Twitter.


For context sake, the Billboard Independent Album Charts consist of all the highest selling independent Albums in the United States.


In addition, only musical act who does not have major labels are included on the chart rankings which are updated weekly.


Statistics and data available has also confirmed Ckay’s entry as he has no major label and as well debuted on the chart with his Ckay the First EP for the week ending in October 9th.


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The EP which was first released back in 2019 have seen a drastic increase in replay value across board. This is due to the rapid growth in the smash hit off the record, ‘Love Nwatit’ which has received global reaction, thanks to the constant usage via Tiktok.



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