Ckay’s ‘Love Nwatiti’ Certfied Gold in France


Nigerian singer and Chocolate City signee, Ckay has just reached another major landmark with his monster hit, ‘Love Nwatiti’ hitting gold certification on France.


The major confirmation came in the early hours of Wednesday 13th of October 2021 after statistics showed that the smash hit has sold over 15 million in streams which is equivalent to 100k units.


Ckay’s ‘Love Nwatiti’ has been breaking ground and smashing records since it’s release which is largely due to the Tiktok iinfluence.


The Chocolate city signee has gathered quiet a lot of streams and sold a handful of units with the visuals of the music also hitting over 45 million in views on Youtube.


Recently, we reported that the single rose to become the most shazamed African song after displacing fellow compatriot, Wizkid from the top position.


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Ckay has now yet reached another height after his record of the year ‘Love Nwatiti’ wants gold certification on France.


Love Nwatiti

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