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This is a brief review of the movie I watched not quite long. Not much to see in the movie but it is worth mentioning because of its exclusive storyline.


I was attracted by the graphics and design of the poster which I bumped into online and so I decided to check it out. This is not a professional take but my personal view about the movie so follow through.


Before now, the movie had already generated quite a lot from movie critics across the globe so In that vein, this is just my personal view and what interests me about the movie.


First, let’s talk about the plot. It follows 17-year-old old a singer named Ruby Rossi. Ruby Rossi happens to be a young person who aspires to, be a great and popular singer. Ruby is the only person in her family who is not deaf as the whole family is deaf.


Although deaf, Ruby’s family is one happy family and a true definition of happiness. Ruby’s father Rossi and Leo, Ruby’s big brother do all the works to fend for the family whimper. Rossi’s wife does the accounting and management of the house finances. Ruby on the other hand handles everything about interactions with people and customers.

Ruby, being her family’s social “interaction” seems tired of this path and needed to explore. This dawned on her when she went to school and joined the school choir. Confused as to what to do, she had the option of either following her dream of being a singer by enrolling at Berkeley music school or remain with her family to see to their business.


At a point, Ruby’s family business was faced with a problem. Regulatory bodies were already making life difficult for them and putting their business in possible jeopardy.


One thing I love about the movie is the storyline You could feel the originality in the mix and top with the actors according to each role played. This is what most movies lack in this new. You could feel the lack of struggle in making the movie real. The movie is a Bea family story and I feel it should scoop some awards in this calendar year.

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Let’s go back to Ruby. Ruby had chosen to chase her musical career. She enrolled at Berkeley music school and she was s extensively trained by Bernardo Villalobos. At so point, Ruby had no option but to rescind her decision and go back to her family’s business to help out. Ruby’s brother was not pleased with this decision. Although dead, he could communicate his feelings and asked his sister to chase her dream and not key anything a hindrance.


The 2-hour length movie is an inspiring movie that explores individual identity outside the family circle and this project was perfectly executed. I could watch CODA all over again he it has an appealing rewatch value. The melodious tunes and exceptional performances by Emilia Jones, Etta James, and Walsh Peelo is something to keep you glued to the movie.


CODA is an acronym for Child Of Dead Adults is adapted from La Familie Bellier and was directed by Sian Heder. The movie deserves loads of awards and praises and with doubts t, is one of the best movies of 2021.


What do you think?


A young visionary!

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