The season 5 big brother show winner, Laycon is known to be intelligent, charismatic, knowledgeable ambitious.

During his 3 months spell in the big brother house, he was all about his music even though distractions came along the way. The self acclaimed Afro-rap artiste came into the house with one clear goal- to make his music known to the world, that, he was able to achieve. Well, he got an extra hamper which came as the winner of the show.

After the house, his team sort for ways to integrate Laycon , his music as well as his journey to fame into one box, an idea which gave birth to the ‘I am Laycon’ TV series. Produced and available on showmax, the show has gone on to see different criticism and as such, we sort to address all in one article.

To be honest, there is not much to see or should I say there is nothing new to see in this 5-episode TV series. What we saw in the big brothe house, his drive towards his music, his humility and confusion as regards this fame he has now still remains the question he is yet to answer.

Apart from that, it was almost obvious, the attempt by the producers of the “I am Laycon” TV series to eliminate the part played by the supposed Laycon archenemy – Erica. Well, I fee this was done to avoid any fight or quarrel. After all, we saw what happened between laycon and Erica in the big brother house.

Also, laycon’s brother, Yomi’s face was too Frequent. The TV series is titled ‘I am Laycon” not ‘I am Yomi’. Why the producers kept forcing Yomi down our throat is unexplainable. Oh! Maybe they wanted to play out Laycon’s ability to get advice or listen to them from people. Yomi was always giving dating advices to Laycon after Laycon kept lamenting about his relationship status. Laycon gets advice from almost everyone. The only time he advices people is when he talks to VEE. Guess he has a soft spot for VEE.

In the first episode, laycon’s zeal to make timeless music was shown as he was seen present at fellow artiste – Joeboy’s music video as well as his attempt at working with Pheelz on a music in a studio.

The TV series follows in sequence. Laycon’s grass to grace story, a significant change in the place he lives before fame and when he stays now and so on. In terms of visuals, the TV series was nothing to write home about as it was way below average. .
The TV series irks a lot of obvious lack of professionalism. The characters were amateurs and lack proper acting basics. This was evident as the constant roll eye ball to the other side of the camera by the characters. They were probably taking instructions from the director. No comical relief in a supposed life of Laycon.

In conclusion, for laycon’s fans, this film might be a watch for them but overall, it was below par. I wouldn’t call a total failure because it at least showed us the zeal and drive of laycon towards his music – Something we know and love him for.

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