Joeboy Reacts To Negative Publicity For His Music, “Alcohol”


Singer, Joeboy has taken to twitter to advice music influencers to stop all negative trends and publicity towards his latest music release titled “Alcohol”.


Joeboy who recently released a musical project titled “Alcohol” and have since, gained social traction and consequently, air played across major radio and TV stations.


The song widespread has been due to the challenge ongoing on Tiktok where influencers and Tiktokers vibe to the music while using anything of their choice as element to represent alcohol.


Some have gone as far as using various dangerous and harmful substances. We have even seen video of a guy drinking unclean water and a girl drinking shampoo in the wake of this challenge.


Joeboy has now addressed and reacted to the ongoing negative publicity his music us getting and has advised fans to desist from such as he is not cool with it.


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Addressing the drama in a tweet, Joeboy wrote:.


“So in addition to not pouring stuff on your bodies, PLS STOP INGESTING UNHEALTHY THINGS too. Let’s enjoy the song AND stay alive. Bless 🤍”

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