KOB: The Return of The King, A Hit or A Miss

King of Boys

The highly anticipated Nollywood thriller King of Boys sequel has now been finally released after the scheduled date of August 27 was met by the movie’s production team.


I am a fan of Nollywood – Yoruba and English Nolly. This sees my constant endearment to see them go global and do well, but sometimes, humans are wired to disappoint. This is not a case of complex scepticism, but a due case of what I expect if a movie of such hype and wait around it.


Fans who have seen the 2018 thriller would, in turn, expect another thriller in the sequel because the latter should always be better than the former. Still, KOB disappointed all movie fans around the globe with the below-par political thriller production of the KOB sequel.


As we have highlighted in the teaser trailer we reviewed in one of our articles, Eniola Salami returns five years after escaping the grip of her enemies.


The King of boys sequel features the return of notable characters from the original production and also saw the introduction of new faces. This intensifies the plot against Eniola’s quest for a new crown as well as emerging the Governor of Lagos state.


In this sequel, we frequently saw the young version of Eniola, a role taken up by Toni Tones. Toni Tones perfectly played the agile and fierce Eniola character.

Toni Tones


With all the premise of the story set, do I really think the King of Boys sequel is worth the wait and hype? Let’s consider all that is to be considered to avoid hasty inferences.


To be fair, one of the stances the production team maintains is the nostalgic feeling asides from this. They have successfully produced sub-par, not sellable subplots with a handful of below-par characters.


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Although, the significant plot which follows through Eniola’s Governorship ambition and her quest for power grip of the new crown would keep fans glued to their screen for the seven-episode series.

Solar Sobowale



Another bull’s eye perfectly hit by the producers of the movie sequel is how they explore grief. After the paparazzi that followed Eniola’s return, she was left alone in her room while she laments, cries and was harming herself as she feels guilty and sad for the death of their children.


Kemi Adetiba’s exploration of grief in the movie sequel was on point. This was evident in Eniola’s conflicting multifaceted voices of good and bad.


One thing that wouldn’t go unnoticed is the untimely irrelevance of the teaser video upon the release of the King of boys sequel.



The return of the king also features the return of Makanaki after he was betrayed and killed by his cohort. Makanaki finally gets his coveted throne to himself.


Considering the teaser video and drawing conclusions from what I saw from the teaser, Makanaki reincarnated as a demon and destroyed his enemies( at least that was what the main plot suggest) but why they were economical with his role is yet to be understood.


One of the things we praised the original movie for is the use of adequate and timely lighting. From the scenes of grief to drama and murder, it was all accurate. The use of dark lightning in specific places was well-timed, and we praised them for this, but I do not understand how they messed the movie sequel up with bad lighting. The use of high-key lighting when it was not needed is an unforgivable offence.


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