Dwayne Johnson In Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise is an extensive play of the jungle life. Released on July, Jungle Cruise has gone on to break trend tables simply because of the astonishing worldly performance by Dwanne Johnson. This isn’t Dwanne’s first jungle role but this in particular came in different dimension. Some of the stand out performances and scenes would be reviewed in this article.


The movie fused tension, dark moments and comedy all together. The Jaume Collet-Serra directed movie was well introduced at the early stages of the movie with picture perfect shots and adventure worthy elements to complement it. Although, the shots and graphics were primarily made for kids, it is a relatable aspect for grown ups.
The promising entry scenes was introduced by the entrance of Dr. Lily Houghton sneaking through areas of Royal Geographic Society in search of an old artifact- one which is key a certain mysterious power. The old artifact, The Tears of the Moon as it was called , also had a German aristocrat looking for it.


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Another stand out attraction of the movie is the easy infusion of motion geography into the movie. What the infusion did was introduce energy and charm to the introduction of the movie. Frank Wolff, the skipper as he was named in the movie was tasked to deceive tourist using dark magic by conjuring unreal images of giant hippopotamus to scare them off. This particular part was neatly performed as they were able to add comic relief which was germane for scenes like that.


They slid of the rack with the attempt to remake the magic of great movies like The Mask of Zorro ,The Mummy and Pirates of The Caribbean but the attempt proved futile as the makers of Jungle Cruise were out to infuse a bit of each of these movies. In this vein, it lacked originality, neatness and accuracy. These scenes were poorly recreated and it was obvious that they were struggling with the infusion – something Juame isn’t used to.


Another poor move my the makers of Jungle Cruise is the constant show of lack of intensity. This is evident in the scene where a jaguar attempted to attack Frank – something that later turned put to be just a play as the Jaguar was frank’s pet. Jungle movies should come with thrills, fears and suspense. All these were lacking in the movie. The makers attempt to make a scene that makes viewers fear and thrill them but then, scenes like that are turned into disappointment as they those thrills are overturned to be fake.


The makers of Jungle Cruise attempt at redemption was evident when Lope de Agurre and his followers disappeared upper river bank. This was followed by the reappearance of the Lope de Agurre with his followers but with mysterious powers. They were tasked to kill all the heroes of the movie (Dwayne was among the heroes). What the introduction of this added to the movie is the intensity the movie lacked from the beginning.
Juame – Jungle Cruise Director displayed his movie prowess with the introduction of a flashback scene of how Lope de Agurre and his followers got hold of the mysterious power that appeared to be a curse. This scenes were in fact, one of the highlights of the movie. One obvious flop to this is that the struggles of the makers of the movie to recreate Pirates of the Caribbean was evident.


Also, Jungle Cruise was easily predictable. Although, this isn’t really a significant error but the inability of the makers of Jungle Cruise to significantly influence the comic relief and a bit of needed romance was the prime flaw. This was evident in the interactions between Blunt and Johnson – the chemistry looked like a forced one which messed up the whole movie.


The makers had high expectations for the movie, something that was borne out of high aspirations. It was obvious they wanted the film to turn out so nice, catching viewers and critics attention but all these could not be achieved because of the flops, errors and mistakes by the movie makers. It is not only enough for a student to wish to pass an exam, what reads and writes justifies his latter end.


In conclusion, it would have bearable if the producers of this movie had not made an attempt to introduce unfunny scenes and characters. They made seamless funny scenes with unwitty actors who lacked the ability to deliver excellent comedy scenes. This absolutely killed the movie.

Professional advice: The movie is not worth the wait and it does not worth your time. Well, if all you want to see is Dwanne Johnson, then you can watch.

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