Odunlade Adekola’ Saamu Alajo “Episode 48” Review

Odunlade Saamu Alajo : Episode 48 Review

Nigerian veteran nollywood actor, Odunlade Adekola started a TV series last year 2020 after the success his movie -Saamu Alajo witnessed.

Odunlade has since launched the movie in series – one which is released biweekly.

His latest release – Episode 58 of the movie saw the introduction of a supposed America deportee who seems to cajole Saamu into believing that he is a grammarian and as such, more knowledgeable compared to SaamuEpisode

Saamu in this episode had graduated from an ordinary thrift collector into another role entirely. He is seen as a potential traditional ruler and as such, revered himself as one

We didn’t really see much from Odunlade in this episode asides the comical relief scenes. The episode is below par compared to previous episodes.

Apart from that, there is low quality of aspect ratio. The entire production lacks quality in terms of visual representation of figures and actors.

Also, costume is way below average asides the oversize traditional attire which represents royalty that Saamu wore, the entire costume was bang average

The episode is actually a comic relief and it establishes Odunlade’s dominance of the Nollywood comedy scenes.

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