BBNAIJA: Day 14 Recap


BBNaija Day 14 has been the most dramatic and interesting by far. I should not bore you with details of the early morning exercises and the Whitemoney everyday cooking schedule. Guess you already know how they roll every morning. Let me rather go into the details of the day because it was all like an action movie with so much intensity. I could call Day 14 a blockbuster – It would break viewing records at the cinema if the producers decide to make that particular episode into a movie. I must confess, it was one hell of a drama for Day 14. Let’s deep dive into the details.

The real action started with Angel – the carefree tattoo overlord. She was seen venting her anger in words to Saga, Jackie B, and a few others. From what we saw, it seems Pere upset her and called her a bitch. My girl lamented almost through the day while Pere the bad boy and the former Us Soldier kept on with his usual daily activity like nothing happened. Nini- the Edo-born lady gave her two-cent while saga and Jackie B went on to listen to chapters of the book of lamentations being read by Angel.

bbnaija day 14
Angel narrating why she was upset with Pere

They’re not so much after before the BBNaija biggie’s WAW task. Biggie instructed the Head of House, Boma to share with the house the task of the day. The house was divided into two groups and rehearsals began. The rehearsals were just like a live comedy show. Different shades lack professionalism tendencies in acting by the groups but I must tell you, it was fun all through as different expressions from different housemates made that particular rehearsals fun. It was time for the real presence and you can but laugh. You could almost see Saskay as a future actress, Nini would have made a perfect village wife to a traditional ruler in movies while Youssef – Well, I have no words for the future kannywood star.

the waw task bbnaija

Scenes where Liquorose and Maria were discussing a kiss Liquorose had with Emmanuel, to the troubling interrogative questions Maria was throwing to Pere as why he withdrew from her ( I guess Pere wasn’t ready to be another Ozo, man has moved on after a strong rejection signal from Maria).

bbnaija photos from day 14
Pere and Maria

Now, let’s go into the main event of the day, the Saturday Night party. Damn! It was one hell of a fun-filled party. Beatrice was actually the coldest but asides from her, it was fun. Remember Jaypaul made a statement as regards Saskay. In his words “ I see Saskay as a sister” Guess the clueless Jaypaul forgot that at the dance floor. Man was vigorously and aggressively rocking Saskay – I wouldn’t do that to my sister though ( smiles). Boma on the other hand rocked almost all the girls in the big brother’s house. I think at a point, he was almost smooching Peace’s boobs.

bbnaija party day14

The professional dancer, Liquorose scattered the dance floor with her exceptional steps and moves. While Liquorose was busy entertaining the night, Angel was giving Youssef some heavenly lap dance. Not only that, the married Tega caused a temporary earthquake on the dance floor as she carelessly juggles her boobs in some Michael Jackson manner. It was fun
Meanwhile, all these were happening while the housemates kept on taking Gordons- An alcoholic drink. They drank to stupor and the result came after the party. Saskay slept like a toddler, Beatrice was seen sleeping while her legs were vertically on the wall. Angel on the other hand was unconsciously romanticizing Youssef while Whitemoney ate dinner like a hungry dude from the 90s. It was all fun

Thank you for reading. Await another episode tomorrow as today would be the eviction show. It’s going to be mind-blowing. Please share and remember, for amazing content, we are the sure plug.

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