MOVIE TRAILER: AMAA winner Oc Ukeje stars in “BLACKMAIL”

oc ukeje

The New Nollywood trailer of the upcoming movie, Blackmail has seen Nollywood star OC UKEJE picked up the lead role

The forthcoming action thriller is set to hit the screen soon as release, as announced by the director, Obi Emelonye, but details of the movie have been kept under the radar.

The reason for this is because the producer of the upcoming movie, Black Mail, has just premiered the production of another movie titled “ Oratory.”

According to the trailer released by the director, Obi Emelonye, viewers are in for an action-packed movie. The trailer, which was released in five different parts, was shot in London.
See part 1 of the trailer below.

Part 1 of the trailer saw the introduction of OC Ukeje being trailed via hackers. What seems to be wrong couldn’t be deciphered as the makers didn’t give much away ( smart move if you ask me)

See part 2 of the movie trailer.

It seems our poster boy, OC Ukeje, has been finally nabbed by those trying to get to him. He seems to have a dark past l, a sex tape which he doesn’t want his wife to discover as he is scared his wife would take away their kids. Well, let’s see how this turns out.

See part 3 of the trailer below.

There is nothing much to see here, but it seems Ukeje is finally giving in to the demands of the impending Blackmail.


See part 4 of the trailer below.

This part gives you a clue of what to expect. The action scenes, the intensity, the blood bath, and the blackmail are alive.

The concluding part of the trailer below

This part shows us that Obi Emelonye is the writer, producer, and director of the movie.

In conclusion, the movie explores the data protection and cybersecurity deterioration and the reliability of the entire populace on the internet.

Starring AMAA winner OC Ukeje in the lead role, the thriller will explore data protection and cybersecurity themes in an increasingly internet-reliant world.

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