Pere and Angel makes it to the final week

Pere and Angel

We didn’t see that coming! It’s not a Final Five, but a Final Six! Pere and Angel have been told that they will both get to compete in the Finale of the shine ya eye season.

After their Fake Eviction last night, Pere and Angel have been in the White Room, waiting for their turn to play the Double Jeopardy Game: trying to disassemble a toy truck into all its component pieces in the shortest time possible.

When the game came, the green light came up, and they both jumped to dismantle the trucks.

It was an intense game as we saw Angel and Pere struggle twice to complete the task. Angel completed first but didn’t get the desired point, while Pere got the points but finished last.

Angel and Pere were anxious to hear the winner with so much tension, and viewers have been in the heat, too, keeping their fingers crossed on who would win.

While the head of house game was going on inside the house, we were returned to the White Room, and a patiently waiting Angel and Pere were talking to biggie about how challenging the game was for them.

In biggie voice,

“How will Big Brother reward your tenacity? Why not give both of you a chance to play in the finals? After all, you play the game excellently.”

An emotional Pere and Angel embraced each other in joy. They would join Emmanuel, Liquorose and Whitemoney in the ultimate battle for the prize money.

Congratulations to them!

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