SUICIDE SQUAD: Is this the best movie in DC’s library?


James Gunn is widely known for his filmmaking prowess back during his time at Marvel. This is evident in the role he played in the successful Production of Guardians of the Galaxy. He has been an amazing director all his life, and I think he has done the same magic at DC with the production of Suicide Squad.

This legendary director made sure that during the production of Suicide Squad, there were close to perfection camera shots, clean and creative photography, and flawless videography to match. Apart from that, the cinematic experience is one to die for.

The movie started with Amanda Waller debriefing some special task force which appears as though she leads. Something so eye-catching in the movie is how villains from DC were assembled in two different teams but on one mission. On one of the missions, both teams couldn’t achieve the common goal, which led to the death of the entire team, except for Harley Quinn and Rick Flag.

The mission, which was to destroy an actual research field that was proven to be causing problems, had the US government’s backing but was unknown to the team.
The film is worth a watch as the comic relief infused with the flow of the intensity of the movie is pure class.

Characters like Idris Elba , John Cena, and Sylvester stallion all delivered their individual roles exceptionally well.
James Quinn was able to justify his movie-making prowess. His decision-making skills and the ability to bring imaginations into life are what made the Suicide Squad a different movie from the rest.

Another thing to look our in the movie is the suspense. At the end of the movie, during post-production, two members of the squad assumed dead were shown to be alive. Is this a twist or a probable continuation of the Suicide Squad movie? Well, let’s wait and see.

DC has been giving us flops of movies in the past ranging from birds of prey to the underachieved series Arrowverse. DC productions only hope towards their fans was suicide squad, and they didn’t disappoint. Let’s see if they’ll continue on this lane.


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