Wizkid and Davido networth, Who is the richest? (2021)

Wizkid and Davido

I understand that different musicians and artists have their fanbases, and each fanbase is usually interested in the affairs of their favourite musician. Such matters include the finances, their worth, what they own and their lifestyle in general.

Statistics have confirmed that even though people are interested in their favourite musician’s private life, the two largest fanbases remain the Wizkid FC and the 30BG supporters. They host the fanbases of Wizkid and Davido, respectively.

We have tailored this article to just Davido and Wizkid. As such, only the finances, net worth, and possessions of the two musicians mentioned above would be explicitly highlighted. Our conclusion of the richest between the two musicians would be based on our well-researched statistics and figures.

Before we fully delve into the main topic, we have provided you with a table of content to help you dive straight into the details that may especially interest you.

Table of Content:

  1. Cars ( Davido Vs Wizkid)
  2. Houses ( Davido vs Wizkid)
  3. Endorsement Deals ( Davido Vs Wizkid)
  4. Musical Earnings – Streams and Pay Per Show (Davido Vs Wizkid)
  5. Who is the richest among these two? Davido or Wizkid?

We are considering the above because, according to our research, each contributes positively or negatively to an artiste net worth. As such, all the above listed would essentially constitute the basis for our conclusion. Now, let’s get to work.


Cars (Davido Vs Wizkid)

To start with, we will be looking and making comparisons with their cars.

Reports gathered by purelyng confirms that Davido has the listed cars in his garage:

Lamborghini Huracán 2019- $261,274

Luxury Sprinter Bus – $149,900

Bentley Bentayga 2020- $156,900

Porsche Panamera Turbo A – $170,050

Range Rover 2020- $69,500

Audi R8 – $143,000

Mercedes-AMG GLS63 – $133,150

Mercedes Benz G63 AMG –

In 2021, Davido added to the already acquired collection of cars with his latest 2021 Rolls Royce Cullinan, which he flaunted via his Instagram page. $330,000. This brings the total worth of Davido’s car collection to a whopping $1,285,074.

While Wizkid boasts of the following fleet in his collection:

1. Lamborghini Urus $202,000

2 BMW X6 Crossover $24,000

3 Porsche Panamera $101,600

4 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible $100,000

5 Porsche Cayenne $36,000

6 Mercedes Benz G63 AMG $130,000

7 2012 Mercedes-Benz Kompressor. $18,000

This brings Wizkid’s total car worth to $611,600, making Davido win this round. Now, let’s deep dive into the second round.


Houses (Davido Vs Wizkid)

According to reports gathered by Purelyng, below are all houses owned and equivalent with.

For Davido:

  1. David has a mansion in Atlanta, USA which cost a whopping sum of $280,000
  2. Davido also posses a mansion in Lekki worth $600,000
  3. Another one is his recent addition in Banana island, which cost $1,500,000

As at the time when this article was prepared, all information contained is valid, bringing Davido’s house worth to $2,380,000.

For Wizkid, below is the list of all houses owned by the self-acclaimed starboy:

  1. Wizkid has a mansion on the banana island, which costs about $1,000,000
  2. Another of his collection is a 3-storey mansion in Los Angeles, USA, which costs $500,000
  3. Wizkid also has a crib in Surulere, Lagos state, which costs $26,000.

This brings the total worth of Wizkid’s houses to $1,526,000.

Judging by this, Davido wins the second round as well. Now, let’s go into the third round.


Endorsement Deals ( Davido Vs Wizkid)

David and Wizkid are award-winning Nigerian musicians whose music has gone far and wide, and as such, his music has reached an increased audience. This makes them both bankable artists and, consequently, secure major endorsement deals. To start with, we will be looking at all of;

Davido’s endorsement deals.

  1. Martell Blue Swift endorsement deal
  2. Pepsi endorsement deal
  3. Travelbeta endorsement deal
  4. Close Up endorsement deal
  5. Guinness Nigeria endorsement deal
  6. Mtn Pulse endorsement deal
  7. Infinix mobile endorsement
  8. 1xbet endorsement deal

Contrary to what you read across various blogs, official figures of endorsement deals are not published, and it is only known to the artist or individual alone. This consequently implies that asides announced or said by the individual, such information are kept private.

Considering Davido’s celebrity status, all of the above-listed endorsement deals should run into millions of dollars, but at the time when this article was published, no official figures for Davido’s endorsement deals and the musician never disclosed anything of such. This then means that figures published by major blogs are either fake or random.

Wizkid’s endorsement deals:

Considering Wizkid’s celebrity status and the fact that he is a one-time Grammy award winner, Wizkid is such a ‘big fish’ as he calls himself. This consequently implies that Wizkid’s attract more global partnerships compared to Davido and as such, bigger pay. List of Wizkid’s endorsement deals include:

  1. Pepsi
  2. MTN Nigeria
  3. Guinness
  4. Nike
  5. Dolce & Gabbana
  6. UBA
  7. PUMA

Considering the International presence, Wizkid should considerably edge Davido in this round. Unconfirmed reports went as far as suggesting that Wizkid’s UBA deal alone is about $3,000,000 making it the most expensive endorsement deal ever signed by a Nigerian musician. According to the reports above, Wizkid wins this round.


Musical Earnings – Streams and Pay Per Show (Davido Vs Wizkid)

Davido and Wizkid are both great musicians, but as it stands, it is confirmed that they both have their forte when it comes to music streams. Davido, for instance gets more Youtube streams compared to Wizkid’s, while Spotify is Wizkid’s greatest advantage. To avoid miscommunication and misuse of figures and statistics, average earnings per song released for each artiste would only be considered.

For Davido, his average earnings across major streaming platforms is highlighted below:

Spotify – $600,000

YouTube – $1,500,000

Apple music- $1,000,000

With this statistics, this brings the total to $2,100,000. Also, per show, Davido charges between $100,000 -$200,000

For Wizkid:

Spotify – $2,500,000

YouTube – $415,000

Apple music- $689,000

Amount Charged Per Show- $130,000 – $250,000

This brings Wizkid’s total average earnings across major streaming platforms to $ 3,604,000, making Wizkid win this round.


Who is the richest among these two? Davido or Wizkid?

As of September 2021. Wizkid’s estimated networth is $29M, and Davido’s is $25M. Also, after crossing all these details considering all the above metrics, Wizkid edges Davido slightly, making Wizkid the richest of the two Nigerian heavyweights.

P.S: All information contained in this article are official figures, well researched and confirmed before a valid conclusion could be made. Also, for the earnings per show, the total streams across each platform were gotten first, while the average per platform was derived by the number of studio albums and released music both musicians have to their names.


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