10 Easy steps to stop snoring when sleeping

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Snoring is a sound that comes from our nose or mouth when our breathing gets obstructed when sleeping, and it is not something to be ashamed of because there are easy steps to stop snoring when sleeping.

Snoring may stop you from sleeping or disrupt your partner’s or the people around you from their good sleep.

However, It can happen due to a medical issue or non-health-related issues, so try and consult your doctor first before taking any step.


To reduce or stop it, follow these easy steps

Normal steps


1- Lose weight

Some tissues might obstruct your throat when you are overweight which can cause snoring. Reducing your calorie intake and doing some simple exercise will help you to become active and reduce fat. You can also seek help from a nutritionist for a proper diet plan.


2- Treat allergy

Allergy is another cause of snoring. When you inhale something that obstructs your airway, breathing through the nose might be difficult so you have to use your mouth and this can make you snore. To avoid these, treat allergies during the daytime and have a peaceful sleep at night.

You can get allergy drugs over the counter.


3- Reduce your alcohol intake

Taking alcohol a few hours before bed can also obstruct your airway. Try to avoid alcohol at least 2-3hours before bed.


4- Get enough sleep

A night of healthy sleep is 7-8 hours. So try and reach the required hours.


5- Quit smoking

Smoking is not healthy for our bodies. It can worsen snoring, but there are easy ways to quit smoking. Take one and try. Your throat and entire body will thank you later.


6-Sleeping position

Sleeping on your back can cause snoring, so try to sleep on your sides and use a soft pillow.


7-Have enough ventilation

Make sure your room is well ventilated with an adequate supply of quality air. This will help you to sleep peacefully without any obstruction


Medical Treatment


1-UPPP(Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty) treatment

You can go for this treatment if you are suffering from severe snoring. It is surgery done to open the upper airway to remove extra tissue from the throat. This can reduce severe snoring


2-CPAP(continuous positive airway pressure)

Is a device that keeps your airway open by supplying it continuously with positive airway pressure when sleeping. This will prevent those extra tissues from blocking your throat. You will be able to sleep peacefully.


3- OTC (over the counter) medications

Snoring can be due to cold. You can treat this by buying intranasal decongestants that you can get over the counter.



Snoring is not something to be ashamed of. It can be due to health or non-health-related issues, if it is due to non-health-related issues then there are easy ways you can stop snoring when sleeping, these include losing weight if you are overweight, treating allergies, avoiding smoking, and reducing alcohol intake. but always seek your doctor first before taking any step.



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