7 Proven strategies that will make you fall asleep faster

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Sleeping is very important in every human life, as it is the way our body rests and there are a lot of strategies that will make you fall asleep faster and easily without any stress.


Some people fall asleep immediately after their head hits the pillow while some of us have to struggle before the sleep finally hits us. If you are my type, then I have provided some simple solutions for us.

Sleep is associated with both physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It’s a perfect way of relaxing and it will make your body function well during your daily activities.


To get an easy and fast sleep try these simple strategies


1- Bath a few minutes before bed


Studies have shown that bathing before sleeping tells your body that sleep is your next agenda. And it will take you immediately after your head hits the pillow. Bathing helps cool your body both externally and internally.

Tonight take a bath before bed and have some chill while you relax and sleep peacefully.


2- off your room light


Darkness is also another remedy for fast sleep as it will signal your brain that it’s time to rest. Sleeping in the dark reduces the risk of depression, and also stimulates the pineal gland to secrete melatonin (popularly known as the hormone of darkness, that also helps fight disease).


3- lie down and keep quiet


Keep your phone away from you except for emergencies. When you are not talking to anyone or there is no external influence, sleep will gradually come. Talking can send a wrong signal to your brain that you are not ready to sleep. You can try thinking about all the happy things you want to achieve or some of your fantasies. This will distance you from the worrisome thoughts and sleep will hit you fast.


4- keep the clock aside


Constantly looking at the time will just increase anxiety and make you stay awake. For example, you want to sleep for 8hours but because the clock is ticking you are always looking at the time. Keeping it away will give your ears peace and you won’t be always looking at the time.


5- Sex


Studies have shown that people sleep immediately after having sex. And this is perfect for married couples. Sex enhances the hormone oxytocin(popularly known as the love hormone) it connects you to your partner and is also associated with lowering stress levels as your body will calm and relax allowing sleep to take you fast.


6- Clean your room


Everybody loves a clean environment, sleep is linked with a tidy and clean room. Bath and tidy your room every day to allow fresh air to circulate. It is known that your brain gets a positive signal to sleep when you are in a well-ventilated and clean environment.


7- On music and wear socks for warmness


Music serves as a lullaby to most of us, especially the cool ones. It will reduce depression and anxiety, and your body will relax. Socks normally come in handy during cold weather as they will warm your hands and feet and transfer to your entire body.


Sleep is one of the most important things in human life as this is the only time the body gets to rest and relax. There are a lot of strategies that will make you fall asleep fast and easily most especially in people with minor sleep deprivation. These include bathing before sleeping, sex for the married couples, tidiness, and music sometimes. I assured you will have a peaceful sleep after trying any of these strategies.



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Written by Foluke Victoria Arogundade

Arogundade Foluke is an experienced Content and Creative Writer. Driven by her passion, she takes pride in providing the best in everything that comes her way. She is passionate about impacting the world. In addition, she is also interested in the well-being of female species and has a special interest in the female world. She's an architect by profession but also a marriage and relationship coach in the making. She believes we have to be fit mentally z socially, financially, and medically to move far in life. She loves what she does and loves networking.

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