9 Simple steps to overcome Depression

Black woman looking sad
Black woman feeling depression symptoms alone at home

Depression is a mental illness that is very hard to understand. But everything has a remedy because there are simple steps to overcome depression.

Most of the time, there is having depression and feeling depressed, and although they are related they are two different things. We all feel depressed from time to time depending on the sad event that occurs to us, e.g bad result, drop in academic performance, etc. but it disappears when the sad events are no more, and sometimes we don’t even need a trigger to feel depression, it just happens and that is quite normal.

Depression is a medical disorder that lingers for like two weeks or sometimes more and it interferes with our daily activities like love, play, etc.


Symptoms of Depression:

  • Lost of interest in things that are we enjoy
  • Change in appetite
  • Restlessness
  • Less or too much sleep
  • Alone mode
  • Feeling guilty or ashamed
  • Poor concentration
  • Lost of energy
  • Slowness
  • Sadness and anger
  • Recurrent thought of suicide when it becomes worst.


According to psychiatric guidelines, if you experience four or more of these symptoms, then you qualify for a diagnosis of depression.

Below are some simple steps to overcome depression


1- Therapy

Therapy will help you to express yourself ad open up about the problems that are bothering you. You can go for the three best effective therapies to overcome depression

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Psychodynamic therapy


2- Exercise

The best exercise for overcoming depression is Aerobic and Cardio exercise. Go for 20minutes of exercise daily. You will get fresh air and meet new people. This will alleviate your problems and your body will remain healthy and fit.


3- Medications

Antidepressants will help you treat major anxiety and depression symptoms. But it has side effects including weight gain, headache, and dizziness. Seek help from your psychiatrist first before taking an antidepressant.


4- Support

Spend time with the people you trust, don’t be alone, they will support you and cheer you up.


5- Don’t dwell on the issues

Overthinking won’t solve the problem rather induce stress, negativity, and your judgments get cloudy.


6- Travelling

A lot of research has shown that traveling to a new place and meeting new people can help overcome depression. It will enhance your brain function, reduce stress,  alleviate anxiety and depression, and overall boost your mental well-being.


7- Make yourself busy

Don’t stay in one place or alone, make yourself busy with healthy activities such as volunteering in charity events, kinds of music, and yoga.


8- Get enough sleep

Try and maintain the regular sleeping hours 7-8hours a day. Lack of sleep is associated with several problems and can obstruct our well-being


9- Work to achieve your goals

Set your goal, plan it, implement it, and celebrate your success. If things didn’t go the way you want, don’t worry, learn from the mistakes and try again. Success is always in your way.


Depression is something that happens in our lives as humans, but there are ways to overcome it. These include travelling exercise, therapy, and medications



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