Health Benefits and Nutritional Facts of Groundnuts

One of the best sources of protein is groundnut, which is also known as peanut or pignut. Consuming groundnut is very beneficial for our health especially in winters.

Vitamin E, magnesium, foliate, copper, and arginine are all found in peanuts. According to research, peanuts can help people lose weight and lower their risk of heart disease.

Groundnut Nutritional facts

Nutrition facts for 100 grams of raw peanuts:

  • Calories – 567
  • Protein – 25.8 grams
  • Fat – 49.2 grams (Saturated – 6.28 grams, Monounsaturated – 24.43 grams, Polyunsaturated – 15.56 grams)
  • Carbs – 16.1 grams
  • Sugar – 4.7 grams
  • Fiber – 8.5 grams
  • Water -7%

Groundnut Benefits

Aids in the Battle Against Depression

Tryptophan, an essential amino acid found in peanuts, is necessary for the creation of serotonin, a mood-regulating brain neurotransmitter. Nerve cells in the brain may release less serotonin when depression occurs. When the blood level of serotonin is elevated, tryptophan may increase the antidepressant effects of serotonin.

Boosts Memory

What in peanuts has earned them the moniker of “brain food”? Vitamin B3 (niacin) is found in several foods and has numerous health benefits, including normal brain function and improved memory.

Groundnut, like other leguminous crops, is a good source of protein that aids in tissue repair and building in the body.

Proteins necessary for bodily activities and growth, as well as for repairs to tissues and cells, are made in the body from phosphorus, which is present in large amounts in this protein source.

Groundnuts, compared to other nuts, have been found to contain higher protein per serving. Eight grams of protein are found in 480 grains, which is about the same as one ounce of peanuts.

Because of its high digestibility, groundnut protein is an excellent source of building blocks for the bones, tissues, blood, and muscles as well as cells.

When combined with 3 glasses of milk, a peanut butter sandwich provides the body with 22 grams of protein – practically the daily requirement of a healthy adult.

Lower the Risk of Cancer

Grains like groundnuts, which contain polyphenol and resveratrol as anti-cancer and anti-heart disease antioxidants, help the body’s immune system fight against diseases like cancer and heart disease by eliminating toxins that can cause or worsen these health problems.

Nutrient rich peanuts, such as omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins E and fiber, reduce the chance of developing some malignancies.

Scientific research led by Prof. Pieter van den Brand have shown that consuming just 15 grams of groundnuts per day will lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, and a variety of other ailments like cancer and diabetes.

Enhances the health of the skin

The anti-aging properties of the groundnut’s vitamins include protection against skin disorders like dryness, wrinkles, and scaling.

Apart from protein, peanuts have a wide range of essential nutrients like phytoceuticals, vitamins, minerals and monounsaturated fats that keep the skin healthy and radiant by removing toxins and excess oil from the skin.

Antioxidants like vitamin C and E in peanuts assist to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, and other signs of age, such as acne.

As far as skin health is concerned, resveratrol, an anti-aging phytochemical found in ground, as well as vitamin C, which aids in collagen regeneration, help keep the skin looking young and smooth.

Protection from Oxidative Stress

Peanuts are high in antioxidant-rich chemicals that help protect the body from free radicals and antioxidants being in an unbalance, which can have harmful effects.

Antioxidants help to keep diseases at bay by slowing down the oxidation process in the body and preventing damage to other components.

Strengthen Your Bones By Eating Well

As a result, some minerals included in groundnuts, such as potassium, zinc, calcium, salt, and magnesium and phosphorus, assist the body stay healthy and create strong bones.

Alternatively though, these minerals shield the body from some of the mineral shortages that, if unchecked, can lead to serious health issues.

Good for Pregnant Women

You may or may not be aware that groundnuts are a healthy meal option for expectant women. Isn’t that right? Protein and folate can be found in peanuts. Folic acid, which helps prevent birth defects and promote healthy brain and spine development, is a dietary supplement that should be taken by every pregnant woman.

No matter the type of diet a pregnant woman stick to, she must be required to consume a good quantity of folic acid through the conception period. Pregnant women can eat fried, roasted, or cooked peanuts.

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Written by Babatunde Okerayi

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