Simple exercise guide you can do while on the period

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Have you ever experienced cramps while in school?

I have had one experience which leads to some happy knowledge?

10 years ago, I was at high school then, and I forgot I would have my period that day. I started having cramps. It started slowly but later intensified. The pain was becoming unbearable. My friend went to summon a female teacher. She asked me to come out and ask to walk around the school premises.

As I was walking, the pain was reducing. She told me to do some small comfortable jogging. And that was how I got relief, and my mood got better—enough of the story.

Exercise while on period might be something that no girl wants, but it will help relieve the cramps even though there are things that you need to be careful of. It helps in hormonal balance.

During your period, some exercises are beneficial, and there are ones that you are supposed to avoid.

There is no scientific evidence on stopping workouts while on period.

So buckle up and hit the gym.

This is when you feel you are not that strong, so do simple workouts and focus on the benefits (it will motivate you). Please do what you like, whatever one you choose and start, then later you feel you don’t want to do it, keep it and choose another one.

Benefits of exercise while on period


  • it will increase blood flow can also help reduce menstrual cramps
  • it will improve your mood because some girls experience mood swings during menstruation
  • it will relieve tiredness and make you more energetic
  • increase secretion of endorphins (endorphins are hormones that increase pleasure feeling and reduce pain)
  • It relief painful periods(dysmenorrhea)


Below are some best exercises to do on your period


1- light walk

Reduce the amount of exercise you usually do, so consider some light walking as it will help relieve the pain, and light walk also help reduce some cardiovascular disorders. Walk for 30 days every day till you are done.

2-  mild running

Running has a positive impact on periods. It will help relieve PMS symptoms. You can run a few distances daily just within your compound.


I know swimming is the last thing you want to do during your period, but it’s one of the most relaxing exercises. It can ease your pains and some psychological issues associated with menstruation, such as; depression, mood swings, headache, and breast tenderness.

4- yoga

Some studies show that yoga helps relieve period pains. And it’s best if you do it gently and at a slow pace.


The exercise you shouldn’t do while on period

All sorts of strenuous exercise are best if you avoid them on your period days.


Exercise while on periods might be seen as hard, but it’s really easy. All you need to do is do what is best and works for you. Trying some gentle and mild ones won’t be bad, as it will reduce your pains, elevate your mood, reduce stress and tiredness. These exercises include walking, swimming, and yoga.



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