Proven Strategies To Quit Drugs And Nicotine

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Proven Strategies To Quit Drugs And Nicotine

Congratulations on reaching this site. The minutes you will spend reading this post won’t be a waste. Join me as I put you through this journey.

Understandably, quitting drugs may seem hard, but with the right approach and positive mindset, it’s easy.

Before taking a step to recovery I’m sure you heard plenty of stories about how good life is after quitting addiction but still, many people undergo some difficult stages after stopping.

Quitting drugs and nicotine is accompanied by many challenges. You might experience some depression, anxiety, or mood swings. You might feel alone or hopeless. But don’t worry all these feelings are part of recovery and they are temporary.

Below are some strategies that will help you quit drugs and nicotine addiction.


First of all, set a decision to change and take a step towards it

The first step towards quitting an addiction is your decisions, it’s normal to feel contemplated, but when you make up your mind and set your goals you will find it simple.

Know that it’s not possible to stop drugs overnight. Take one step at a time. For example, you can start by reducing your dose intake by 10% at a time, then increase it to 20%, followed by 30%, and so on, continue with this pattern till you become drug-free.


Secondly, know what triggers it

  • Avoid all places that you know drugs and nicotine might be available
  • Surround yourself with people who don’t do drugs
  • Resist all temptation
  • Think about the disadvantage and costs
  • Distract yourself with some activities that will keep you busy and occupy your mind and time like exercise, yoga classes, and kinds of music.


Thirdly, family and friends support

Quitting drugs on your own can be difficult sometimes, but with support from family and friends, it becomes easier. Inform them that you are quitting so they will help and support you towards that.



Therapy will help you to participate in drug treatment, gives you ways to cope with drug addiction and prevent relapse. It will also help to improve your communication and relationships. Schedule a session once or twice a week and see the great changes that will happen in your life.


Treatment programs and medications

There are a lot of treatment programs to choose that will help you to reduce or quit your addiction and also there are medications that will help with your recovery process by managing your withdrawal symptoms, reduce cravings or relapse.


Fear Of Relapse

Remember recovery doesn’t happen at a time, relapse is part of the recovery process. Take it as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes, find the additional triggers, and correct your treatment course.

Also, join some support groups that you will motivate each other to stay committed to your treatments and recovery processes.

In conclusion, the important thing to remember is that not every treatment works for everyone. Understand which treatment works for you and set yourself towards that.


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