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Six Foods That Will Reduce Stress And Nourish Your Body.



Food is one of the most essentials of life and it plays a vital role in decreasing the stress level in the body alongside its nutritional values. Various foods help to soothe and calm the body by relieving it of stress either directly or indirectly.

Below is a list of six (6) different foods to reduce stress and nourish your body.


The rich content of omega-3 fatty acid present in avocado is a healthy essential fatty acid characterized by the ability to reduce stress and anxiety, improves mood and concentration. The fruit is also a good source of vitamins E, C, K, B-6, and 3 as well as potassium, magnesium, and folate. It helps in reducing the chances of metabolic syndromes like obesity and high blood pressure. Next time when feeling stressed do well to make yourself a bowl of avocado salad.


Research has found black chocolate to have the properties that reduce stress by reducing the level of stress hormone in both stressed and non-stressed individuals. Cocoa a major component of dark chocolate is a rich source of an antioxidant called flavonoids which prevents the development of heart-related disease, cancer, and diabetes. So do get yourself a bar of dark chocolate to make you happy while enjoying other benefits of it.



Do you always wonder why grandma gives you a warm glass of milk every night?. Aside from the warm and soothing feel of the warm glass of milk, the milk acts on serotonin, a hormone in the brain that improves your mood, makes you feel good and happy. Milk as a popular beverage also contains useful nutrients like protein, calcium, potassium, vitamins B and D. All thanks to grandma as a single glass of her warm milk doesn’t only nourishes your body but also boosts your mood.



Broccoli contains vitamins that fight stress and also has antioxidant properties. It is also rich in potassium, calcium, and folic acid. It helps the body in reducing cholesterol, improving bone and skin health. Eat your broccoli raw in a salad so to get all the benefits



Seeds and nuts such as sunflower seeds, chia seeds, flaxseeds, walnuts, and cashews although small but are a very good source of omega-3 fatty acids which is very essential in reducing stress. Tryptophan an amino acid that boosts the productions of serotonin (the feel-good hormone) is found in many seeds and nuts like the sunflower seed and it helps to reduce stress and boost mood. Coupled with the numerous benefits of consuming nuts and seeds, they are a good and healthy food to snack on either at the cinema or while watching your favourite Netflix show.



Because of the tryptophan contained in turkey, which helps with the production of serotonin. It is a portion of good food that will help alleviate stress and anxiety as well as improve mood and boost sleep. It is a great substitute for red meat as it is healthier and it can be prepared in a different way such as grilling, making a salad with it, frying, or making soups. Do not forget to buy some turkey parts when next you visit the grocery store.

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Written by Foluke Victoria Arogundade

Arogundade Foluke is an experienced Content and Creative Writer. Driven by her passion, she takes pride in providing the best in everything that comes her way. She is passionate about impacting the world. In addition, she is also interested in the well-being of female species and has a special interest in the female world. She's an architect by profession but also a marriage and relationship coach in the making. She believes we have to be fit mentally z socially, financially, and medically to move far in life. She loves what she does and loves networking.

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