9 simple make-up hacks to save your money

Portrait of a beautiful young model applying blusher to her cheeks in studio


Hi beauty

I brought some legit makeup hacks that will save your money. Most of us want to look beautiful but thinking of buying each makeup item is making us think twice. Even legit make-up artists find these hacks beneficial talk less of us the beginners.

Nowadays you don’t need to spend many hours trying to perfect your makeup, with the little hacks I’m going to give, you can apply your cosmetics easier and look perfect.


1-Eyeliner hack

You can turn your eye pencil into gel-like for easy application. burn the tip of your eye pencil for one to two seconds with a flame, wait for it to cool then apply it. It is easier and softer.

2- Mix foundation

You don’t need to spend to buy each shade of foundation either for your clients or yourself. Buy a darker and lighter shade, mix the two to give you skin color, then use. It will save cost and your makeup will still look perfect.


3- Use lip scrub

At times when you put on lipstick it doesn’t come out as perfect as you want, most especially in people with dry lips, try this hack. Use a gentle lip scrub on the lips first then put on the lipstick. It will look amazing and perfect. Your lips will thank you later for this.


4- Drink from a straw

Sometimes drinking directly spoil our awesome lipstick. Drink from a straw. It will keep your lipstick intact.


5- Buy unique brushes

Buying unique brushes will save you a lot of money. Some products are expensive as a result of brushes that come with their items. When you have your unique brush, it will cut you the cost of buying brushes all the time.


6- Use hot water

From today, please don’t throw those empty bottles, drip them inside hot water to liquefy the remnants then use them. Or if it is a rubber container. Cut it into two, and use something to gently scrub the remnants and use it.


7-Recycle the empty containers

Some companies allow you to return an empty container and get a discount on their products. Perfect right? Don’t throw away those empty containers again, recycle them and get a cost reduction when buying your next product.


8- Test a sample

I’m sure you won’t like to spend your money and buy an expensive product and later discover that it’s not good for your skin. To avoid this, always buy a trial sample first, if it goes well with your skin then use it.


9- Use Vaseline to remove makeup

Vaseline is very cheap and can give the same or similar result that those expensive makeup removers will give you. Why not give it a try.

Another option

Johnson’s No tears Baby shampoo is also an effective, cheap, gentle, and fantastic makeup remover.


Everybody wants to look good but some of us find it hard because of how expensive makeup products are. Rest assured there are a lot of simple makeup hacks to save money and still look fantastic and beautiful.


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