Double cleansing; everything you need to know

Black woman cleansing her face
Black woman putting on face lotion

Double cleansing serves as a form of relaxation and relief from the stress of our daily activities.

There is this satisfaction that comes with fresh and clean skin.

Nowadays, it has become everyday activity among several people. However, some people are still yet to understand what double cleansing is and its benefits, whether it’s for everyone or not. Don’t worry. I have provided answers to all your questions.


What is double cleansing?

As the words sound, it is a method of cleaning your face twice. It involves the usage of two products. This will clean your face as thoroughly as possible, removing all makeup, stress, and remnants. You will first wash your face with an oil-based cleanser, followed by a water-based cleanser.


Why should you do it?

First, you are using the oil-based cleanser to wash out the oiliness, dirt, or makeup from your face. It serves as a starter, while the water-based work on your skin without any barrier. Leaving makeup for too long causes pores, acne, and dull skin. This technique will provide you with the cleanest skin.


Is double-cleansing for everyone?

If you are the type that doesn’t have acne and pores or doesn’t do makeup frequently, then double cleansing will do you more harm than good as oil-based cleansers contain chemicals. Rather, a single cleansing will clear your skin.


Why do you use both at once?


As oil-based contains chemicals to remove dirt, those chemicals can cause some reactions for some skin, so water-based helps protect your skin from those reactions. And too much of it can cause some skin reactions.


Which one is the best for you?


  • if your skin is normal, I suggest you go for moisturizers and creamy products formulas
  • if your skin is dry or sensitive, always go for gentle and non-reacting formulas
  • If your skin is oily, or you have acne and pores, for oily skin, option for lightweight cleansers. In contrast, for acne and pores, go for products that contain anti-inflammatory agents such as turmeric, ginger green tea, vitamin C, and E.
  • if your skin combines all, then go for moisturizers, gentle and purifying cleansers. And be careful of skin irritants.


What to use in morning and night

In the morning, use quality moisturizers with sunscreen, while at night, use some hydrating serum, night creams, and oils.


How to know if it’s working

Know that change doesn’t come overnight. It will take at least a week or 10-days before you start noticing some changes. Maybe a brighter complexion or cleaner skin. But if you try for too long a see no change, then consider changing your cleaning products.


Double cleansing is good for the skin, most especially with the right products. It’s not time-consuming. It’s one of the best methods of relaxation and relief. And also the best method to remove makeup. It will solve many of your skin problems and give your skin that fresh satisfaction it deserves.

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