The policy of removing shoes before entering the home; good or bad

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Removing your shoes before entering a home is one of the most important good manners in many cultures.

This theory was scientifically proved as it will avoid germs and bacteria from entering your home.

Many homes even keep indoor shoes outside their doors. This practice will keep your house clean and healthy.


Benefits of removing shoes before entering the house

  • To keep your home clean
  • To reduce the stress of cleaning and vacuuming frequently
  • To make your carpet last longer
  • to reduce the spread of bacteria and other contaminated diseases


These bacteria include:

  • Escherichia coli, also known as E.coli, is a bacteria that is mostly found in the environment, foods, and humans and animal’s intestines. A study made in rural Alaska shows that the bacteria can be found in people’s shoes, so it can be spread easily even though it might not be that harmful, but sometimes it causes illness.


  • Clostridium difficile, also known as C.diff this bacteria, causes inflammation of the colon. Entering the home with shoes can cause this bacteria, most especially in urban areas.


  • Staphylococcus aureus is the most dangerous type of bacteria, and it is mostly found in the shoes of health workers and food dealers.


Is there any risk associated with not wearing shoes indoors?

It is said, “every advantage has a disadvantage.” Walking barefoot inside the house has its disadvantages. It can cause injury and accidents sometimes.

Bacteria can be found in house dust. And sometimes, pets contribute to bacterial spread if they are not well taken care of, so to decrease this risk, consider some indoor shoes.

Tips for establishing a “no shoe” policy in your home

Keeping your shoes outside will help to maintain cleanliness, and this can be done by:

  • Setting an indoor shoe area
  • placing something on your door or a welcome mat
  • politely ask your guest to keep their shoes outside


Some strategies to keep your home always clean and healthy

  • provide adequate cleaning supplies and keep them close
  • wash things immediately after using them
  • make your bed immediately after waking up
  • do your laundry daily if possible
  • clean your counter every time you cook
  • wash your dishes every night and keep them in the right place, then discard the dishwater in the morning
  • discard your emails and newsletters or keep them in the right place if you still need them
  • use foot mat
  • flush the toilet immediately after using and wash the entire toilet and bathroom daily or at least four times a week.


It is a sign of respect in some homes to remove your shoes before entering, and this has become a common practice globally.

Removing your shoes at the door will keep your house clean, save you the stress of cleaning frequently, it will increase the durability of your carpet, it will keep you away from your home, and you and your home will remain healthy all the time. You can achieve all these by establishing a “no shoe policy” at your door and keep indoor shoes for you and your guests.



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