Top 10 things to do in Lagos

The fact that you haven’t yet made it to Lagos in Nigeria should give you an idea of how extensive the impact of Lagos is. You could have never seen Lagos, Nigeria, ‘s stunning and remarkable offerings before. Furthermore, tourism attractions in Lagos have had a major impact on Nigeria’s ranking as the most economically developed country.

Many tourists extend their trip to Nigeria due to the attractive destinations. With the addition of the Lekki conservation centre, National museum Lagos, the National Museum Lagos, shopping malls, circles, beaches, festivals, and many other things, the city now has even more reasons to celebrate. Additionally, you will enjoy the various cultural and historical attractions in Lagos as well as all of the country’s top places for pleasure.

One of the most popular things many of us do after a lengthy period of toil is to pursue adventures and travel. This is the finest place to unwind with your loved ones and savour authentic restaurants that provide an outstanding experience. With no further ado, here is a comprehensive list of all of Lagos’ greatest tourist attractions.

1. The Nike centre for Art and Culture

The Nike center for Art and Culture

Oyenike Monica Okundaye established the Nike Galley. The buildings at this location are home to a unique art gallery, workshop, and artist retreat. At the gallery’s main entrance, you can find sculptors, craftsmen, and artists honing their talents in Nigeria.

Additionally, you will like the diversity of depths within the brim and the collection of African art. It is one of the inexpensive and pleasant activities to do in Lagos. Furthermore, you have the option to buy fashionable items that you would like.

2. Lekki Conservation Center

Lekki Conservation Center

This site is incredible and extraordinary. The facility was constructed on 78-hectares in Lagos state. Once you arrive at Lekki, you will experience everything that nature has to offer in one spectacular adventure. Additionally, you may also walk across the longest canopy walk bridge in Africa known as the King Cobra walk bridge.

The length of this canopy wall is roughly 401 meters. Walking on the bridge, you will enjoy the bridge swings; it is the most incredible bridge engineering feat. In addition, you discover a wonderful park for the whole family to enjoy, an exceptional spot for a great picnic that has great facilities for recreational activities, nature walks, and picnics.

3. National museum

national museum

Before Nigeria acquired independence, the national museum was founded in Onikan Lagos. What this national museum lacks in financial resources, it makes up for in exceptional, as it is among the best-rated tourist destinations in Lagos. A wonderful and impressive assortment of ethnographic, archaeological, and traditional artwork may be seen here.

Furthermore, it features outstanding galleries dedicated to brass sculptures from Benin City and others, such as it. Additionally, this museum includes an impressive bullet-ridden car, the former country’s Head of State’s vehicle, which was destroyed in 1976 when he was assassinated.

Additionally, the museum also offers a modest and affordable crafts village that features handcrafted items, woodcarvings, and other wooden goods for sale. As a result, if you like history, you must definitely visit this area to learn about the fascinating history.

4. Freedom Park, Lagos

Freedom park, Lagos

This Lagos Island park is a leisure and memorial park. In the past, the park used to be the grounds of the Broad Street Prison to her Majesty. Nigerians deliberately built it to preserve their cultural traditions and history. This monument honouring the former Lagos colonial masters displays both the history of Her Majesty’s and that of the Lagos colonials. While serving as national memorials, cultural sites, recreation hubs, historical landmarks, and arts, the park is also considered a national heritage site.

5. Tarkwa Bay Beach

Tarkwa Bay Beach

This is a beach that’s in a natural cove near Lagos Harbor. Tarkwa is a popular location for water sports and swimmers, especially during the warmer months. It is also the main home to welcome the neighbourhood’s residents. Tarkwa is a far cry from other Lagos beaches, as it is not crowded or noisy.

Additionally, you will appreciate this stunning and peaceful island far apart from Lagos’ hectic and frenetic atmosphere. In addition, this is a great destination to come when you have some time to spare or when you want to have a fun day with your loved ones.

6. National theatre

National theatre


The tower is a culturally significant monument and an architectural masterpiece in Nigeria, which has proven its longevity. A visitor to the National Theatre can learn about the city’s history and arts in a relaxing and scenic environment.

The construction of this area was started by the military administration of General Yakubu Gowon and finished by General Olusegun Obasanjo. The National Theatre is a historic house of outstanding old-world art yet is growing through welcoming new contemporary artists. No matter where you go, you’ll enjoy how this site attracts and rewards designs on the outside and inside.

7. Visit the new Afrika Shrine

the new Afrika Shrine.

The evening activities in Lagos are taken care of. Enjoyable and memorable nightlife is promised at the Fela shrine. In the new Afrika Shrine, you will enjoy listening to inspiring stories told in rhymes, along with learning about many social and political issues.

This entertainment area is located in the central part of Ikeja Lagos. It is also used as the main location for all annual music festival celebrations. Fela by Seun and Femi Kuti’s Fela Shrine is a powerful picture gallery showcasing music performances and recordings of Fela.

8. Club Quilox

Club Ouilox

Lovers of the club, your night in Lagos will be very enjoyable. Now that Quilox has arrived, you may dance the night away. The most sought-after spot to go on Fridays is often a hangout for the wealthy and well-known. Most travellers that visited Lagos and said Quilox was addictive, regardless of whether you are here alone or with your buddies.

9. Hi-impact planet

Hi-impact planet

World-class adventure can be found on the hi-impact worlds, both for adults and children. You will get the chance to enjoy several kinds of exciting rides, games, and other kinds of fun attractions. You and your loved ones will have a nice time while at the same time creating some very amazing memories together. Other than that, while on the Hi-impact planet, enjoy a snack or pastry of fun at the park’s food courts, where you may sample a full-brown intercontinental local food.

10. Ikeja city mall

Ikeja city mall

There are many tourists and Lagosians who use this mall every day. This mall was created by the most talented company in the business, Broll Property Services, in 2011 and comprises about 100 new stores. The Ikeja mall is the home of all elegant, conservative financial institutions, department stores, jewellers, hair salons, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, skating rinks, and a host of other establishments.

Additionally, the mall includes a large number of parking spaces, which include a very large number of whole foods. You will enjoy visiting numerous wonderful movie theatres, grocery stores, and other interesting locations in this Ikeja mall. Affordable awesome things can be found in the city of Ikeja.

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