A map of Nigeria

Nigeria, which comprises 36 States with capital in Abuja, having most of the largest states in west Africa, has been portrayed by many as unsafe.

Many security issues have threatened the peace in Nigeria lately, Ranging from Kidnapping to Boko Haram insurgency, Fulani herders attack, communal clashes, banditry, and armed robbery.

However, Amidst all of the issues and crises in Nigeria, there are still some peaceful places to stay in Nigeria without facing any of these issues.


The following states are the most peaceful state in Nigeria:

  1. Abuja
  2. Akwa Ibom
  3. Enugu
  4. Kogi
  5. Ondo
  6. Osun
  7. Oyo.



Abuja City Gate
Abuja City Gate

The capital of Nigeria, located in the central part of the country, is one of the safest and peaceful places to stay. As the capital of Nigeria, it consists of the “State House” and “The Aso Rock Presidential Villa”, the palatial residence of the president, the National Assembly, the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Millennium Park, National Mosque, National Christian centre and several other federal buildings. Most Nigerian government agencies are headquartered in Abuja and most other countries embassies.

These places serve as tourist attractions and add to the city’s serenity and beauty. Abuja harbours both Christians and Muslims coexisting peacefully. There’s a low crime rate, fewer power outages, a clean environment, and it’s a stress-free and calm place to stay. 



Picture of roads and flyover in uyo
Uyo, Akwa Ibom


This state is located in the southern part of the country, with its capital in Uyo and over 5million inhabitants. The people of Akwa Ibom State are culturally homogenous with a common identity. The population consists mainly of Ibibio people.

There are lots of oil palm grown in this area, and they are well known for investing in agriculture. The state has a brewery, a textile mill, an airport and seaports. They have recorded a lot of development and economic growth, which has kept the crime rate and other social and security issues at a low rate. This state is arguably the cleanest state in Nigeria and very peaceful too.


GRA Enugu: Enugu State
A beautiful view of GRA Enugu


Enugu state, with its capital in Enugu, is ranked as the safest state in Nigeria. The city, popularly known as coal city, located in the South-Eastern part of the country, comprises mostly the Ibos, who are business people and a small population actively engaged in farming.

They are popular for their local palm wine and delicious cuisines. The state has an airport, stable power supply, good institutions, health centres and markets. The people are calm, peaceful, filled with brotherly love and enjoy going about their businesses.



Aerial view of the city of Abeokuta, kogi Nigeria
Aerial view of the city of Abeokuta, Kogi State

Kogi is located in the North-central part of the country, with its capital in Lokoja. Many know it as the confluence state due to the confluence of the two major rivers in Nigeria; River Niger and River Benue. Igala is the major ethnic group, and Igbira and Yoruba. The people are mostly Muslims, with a small amount practising other religions.

This state is the most centrally located in the country, with rich cultural values and infinite stretches of arable land, making the people great farmers and very successful in all areas of agriculture. The state capital, Lokoja, is an ancient historical town with diverse cultures and languages but in these diverse cultures lie the strength of the State. Thou a very peaceful state, with an appreciable level of development, billions of naira will still be required to develop the State.




A view of Ondo Ohashi Bridge
Ohashi bridge, Ondo


It is a state in southwestern Nigeria with its capital in Akure, well known as the largest cocoa producer in Nigeria, responsible for over 40% of all cocoa export and a major source of timber for construction and furniture making in Nigeria. 

Ondo state shares a similar culture with most of the Western states in Nigeria. This particular part of the country is largely occupied by the Yorubas (one of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria), with a large proportion of them living in the state capital. Akure is a commercial and industrialized area with many establishments, varied religions and an environment blessed with beautiful landscapes and industrious and hospitable people that enjoy a peaceful co-existence.



Aerial View Of Oyo State Government Secretariat Ibadan
Aerial View Of Oyo State Government Secretariat Ibadan


This state has been recorded as one of the most populated states in Africa and is located in the southwestern part of Nigeria, with its capital in Ibadan. Oyo has an interesting history and a rich cultural heritage. Oyo people speak the Yoruba language, and the majority of the residents are Yorubas.

It’s arguably the most beautiful city in Nigeria because of its rich tourist sites; the museum, botanical and zoological garden in Agodi and the University of Ibadan (Nigeria’s first university, the University of Ibadan). It’s one of the major industrialized areas in the country, providing jobs and peace to its habitat.


 Osogbo (Oshogbo) City
Oshogbo City, Osun state

 Osun is the ancestral home of the Yoruba Race, whether home or abroad. It is the central and most important location of this morally rich, culturally sound and highly sophisticated race in the world. The capital of Osun is Oshogbo, with a fairly large population.

Their language is Yoruba, but there are variations in intonation and accent across the towns and cities. Osun people practise agriculture largely at commercial and subsistence scales, which attracts people from outside the state. The state is blessed with a highly literate and articulate populace, making up a strong and productive workforce and a peaceful environment.


At this point, it’s safe to say that the southeast and southwestern part of the country is the most peaceful. With fewer or no cases of bombing, killing, bandits attack and unrest.

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