7 Places  To Travel To In Nigeria

7 Places To Travel To In Nigeria

Sometimes we might feel stuck in one place and want to experience something new and exciting.
Traveling helps to open your mind. You will develop an adverse world view, you will be exposed to new places, people and culture.
Travelling will make you meet new people. You will get to understand your limits, build confidence and understand how capable you are. You will want to experience something new and different. Traveling will teach you what school cannot teach you. Everywhere you travel has something good for you to learn. People travel to expand their perspectives, strengthen their relationships, or have fun.

Below are the seven best places that you will travel to and enjoy your holidays in Nigeria.

1- Yankari Game Reserve
Located in Bauchi state, a north esteem part of Nigeria.
This is one of the most beautiful parks in Nigeria. It covers an area of about 2,252km², it has the largest population of surviving elephants, it’s plenty of natural warm water springs and varieties of Flora and Fauna. It’s a perfect place for tourism. There is game viewing, museum, historic attraction centers, and restaurants. Their hotel rooms are affordable according to your taste and money. Spend your next holiday in Yankari Game Reserve to enjoy wildlife in its natural form.

2- Obudu Mountain Resort
Located in the Cross River State of Nigeria. Also known as Obudu Cattle Ranch. It is one of the most interesting and finest places in Nigeria. The ranch has several beautiful and amazing mountain-area. It has abundant natural vegetation and is equipped with gym stuff for your fitness. There is an in-house restaurant and a luxury spa for your relaxation. I recommend this distinguished resort for your next Christmas or Sallah holiday.

3- Kajuru castle
Located in Southern Kaduna state.
The castle contains an architectural masterpiece structured stylishly in a medieval way, making it a perfect place for tourists to visit. The castle is designed to be a home for travelers. It contains a kitchen and sauna best for spending your weekends. But the castle can only accommodate 12individuals or 5couples at a time, so make a reservation 2-3 days before going.

4- Jos Wildlife Park
Located in Plateau state. One of the amazing features of this park is that it is located at the center of the town and is one of the cheapest parks with an entrance fee of 200naira. It houses different wildlife and domestic animals. For animals and nature lovers this is the best park for you.

5- Landmark Leisure Beach
Located in Lagos State. The beach is packed with amazing for travelers. It has an AstroTurf soccer pitch. You can rent a jet ski to enjoy a fantastic ride across the Atlantic coastline. There are also beach paintball, beach soccer, beach volleyball, cabanas, and loungers, as well as kite surfing, all designed for you to enjoy an everlasting holiday.

6- Ikogusi Warm Spring
Located in Ekiti State. This warm spring is designed not only for leisure travel but also for business. There are a lot of good features from the swimming pool to the gym. The rooms have free Wi-fi access. Perfect place for diving and fishing. There are spa and karaoke machines as well.

7- Gurara Water Fall
Located in Niger State. This is a place where you can organise a picnic and barbeque, a place for fishing, and have several waterfalls and swimming pool areas. There is a guide that will help you explore the site.

All these places are located in Nigeria, very interesting and entertaining, you will have a lot of fun, and a lot of educational things you will learn.

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