Four of the best beaches across Nigeria

La Campagne Tropicana Lekki Lagos

Beaches are a great relaxation spot where you can unwind stress and embrace tranquility. They come in handy when you need to tan your skin, want that vacation you desire, meet new people, get away from the hassle of your environment,  site seeing,  a place for a day, and so many other reasons.

One of the most important things to know when craving a visit to the beach is to figure out just which beach is the best for you or the best to be. Hence, It’s necessary to know the best beaches around the country for utmost enjoyment.

There are several beaches around Nigeria, and the beaches are in like six states around the country. Beaches are known to be therapeutic and give you the peace and solitude you need. However, this article has compiled information on the best four beaches you can visit in Nigeria. They include;


Ifoko Beach, Rivers Port Harcourt

1. Ifoko Beach, Rivers, Port Harcourt

Ifoko Beach in Rivers is a unique beach because it’s one of the not artificial beaches; it’s a naturally made beach that you can visit to get the solitude you need.

The beach is located at the best location and is equipped with amenities that’ll make your stay enjoyable. Since this beach is naturally made, it’s the best spot to see sea creatures like whales, seagulls, etc.

You know it is natural, so these sea creatures tend to come out, and tourists use this opportunity to catch sight of them.
Ifoko Beach, Rivers, is the perfect beach for sunbathing, swimming, and other sports you can think of. The beach attracts many tourists due to its uniqueness, and tourists undoubtedly love the place.


The Ibeno Beach, Akwa Ibom

2. Ibeno Beach, Akwa Ibom

Another fantastic beach you can visit around Nigeria is the Ibeno beach in Akwa Ibom. The beach is quite famous because of its amazing views, and awe-inspiring adventure tourists can go on around the beach.

It’s usually called the best beach in West Africa so you can see how beautiful and awesome it is. The Ibeno Beach is the longest sand beach on the sub-continent, and you’ll find tourist guides that’ll put you through a lot of things.

The Beach is adorned with pretty trees that provide maximum shade, and you’ll also get the chance to use the huts for protection. Some of the sports you can play around this beach include volleyball, beach soccer, sunbathing, etc. On this beach, you can also catch sights of fishes, crabs and shrimps.


Eko Tourist Beach Resort Akodo

3. Eko Tourist Beach Resort, Akodo, Ibeju-Lekki Lagos

There’s no doubt that Lagos is the capital of Nigeria when it comes to entertainment, hence having a beach shouldn’t be a surprise. In fact, Lagos has more than one beach due to its water-borne surroundings. The Eko Tourist Beach is just one of the amazing beaches you can find in Lagos.

It’s fondly called Akodo Beach, and it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Nigeria. While on Akodo Beach, you’ll get the feel of the Atlantic Ocean including the views, isn’t that thrilling?

In addition, there are several modern facilities around the Beach that tourists can make use of and it’s said to have the whitest sand in the whole of the country.

Some of the sports you can venture into while on this beach include; swimming, boat riding, archery, beach soccer, table tennis, etc. Oh, lest I forget! The beach even has a secluded swimming pool for children for safety.

Akodo Beach is widely decorated with furnished rooms, a serene environment, coconut grroves, amusement parks etc.


La Campagne Tropicana Lekki Lagos

4. La Campagne Tropicana, Lekki Lagos

La Campagne Tropicana Beach is another beach in Lagos City. This beach has soft, golden sands with an eye-catching view, which attracts tourist to it.

The peace, solitude and quietness La Campagne Tropicana Beach exude can’t be rivaled- it has tropical and cultural surroundings. Around the chalets on the Beach is African themed decoration that shows how much the culture is cherished.

Despite the African traditional theme around the chalets, it’s still furnished with modern equipment and amenities that you’ll find in most 5-star Hotels, telling you that the Beach isn’t just ordinary but extra with the ordinary.

The Beach serves both continental and international dishes, so you can choose whichever you desire. Moving in, La Campagne Tropicana Beach’s surrounding is perfect for camping, honeymoon, bonding, reunion, etc.

There are moments when you crave solitude and peace. Beaches come in for those moments. While on the beach, you can embrace tranquility and let go of stress.

Beaches have this amazing effect on people and it’ll be nice if you try going to one to experience the feeling. The above article has compiled information about the best four beaches you can visit around Nigeria. Endeavour to read through and be enlightened.

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