BBNaija: “Whitemoney is my type of man” – Jackie B

Jackie B BBnaija

Jackie B, a BBNaija season 6 housemate, has claimed Whitemoney is the type of man she desires.

Tega had approached her and asked if she was interested in starting an intimate relationship with Whitemoney at the mansion.

Jackie B responded by professing her undying love for the Enugu native.
“I have a lot of love for him,” she claims.

“I have a lot of regard for him, and I believe he is someone I could date.

“I’m not denying that dating him is a possibility for me. It’s possible, but I’ll have to retrain my thinking to see him in that light.

“However, I know that if I’m with him, I won’t doubt him for a second.

“He’s a mature man, and that’s the type of man I’m looking for: a grown-up who understands what he wants. That’s the type of person I am,” she explained.

Remember that Whitemoney recently revealed his attraction to Jackie B.

However, Jackie B has been involved in a web of ‘ships’ and love triangles with several male housemates from the beginning of the show.

It began with Boma, who appointed her as his Deputy Head of House in the second week, and continued with Michael, who seemed to sweep the mother-of-one off her feet from the first night he visited the house.

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