China set to limit abortion for non-medical purposes

Pregnant Chinese women

After spending decades encouraging abortion, sterilization and enforcing infamous China and the One Child Policy”.to reduce the population, China is now limiting abortion to increase its birth rate.

The government asserted that the decision aims to improve women’s reproductive health because of the nation’s falling birth rate.

It appears to be China’s most recent effort to tackle its declining birth rate. The country’s low birth rate and rapidly ageing population are seen as threats to economic growth.

Experts have identified this as one of the country’s major social policy challenges in the coming decades.

The one-child policy ended in 2016 and was replaced with a two-child policy. But this didn’t lead to an increase in the birth rate the country was looking for, and this year it was increased to a three-child limit. Beijing is set to bring in financial support for people who have more children.

China still has the highest population globally, but the latest census showed population growth since 2011 was the slowest since the 1950s and is expected to slow even more in the future.
The birth rate fell from 1.6 per woman in 2016 to 1.3 per woman in 2021.

These announcements have caused concern among citizens and activists, as they believe that the government is controlling, should give people the right to take responsibility for their future.

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