“He messed with loyalty” – Basketmouth opens up on issues with AY

Basketmouth, a popular Nigerian comedian, has broken up with Ayo Makun, AKA AY.

Basketmouth stated he had a falling out with AY because the comedian toyed with loyalty in a Black Box interview with media personality Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.

He went on to say that AY had apologized and that they had made up.

“I would have stayed in the area where the competition is.” I still do standup comedy, but not as energetically as before because I’m now focusing on all-around entertainment. My only rival is myself. AY and I don’t have anything resembling a feud.

“He entered my space; he tampered with my allegiance by telling my lawyer Magnus something I told him in private. It was insignificant, yet it was enough to create a schism and force me to erect barriers. We reconciled, and he apologized. I have no issues with AY at all, contrary to popular belief. We don’t communicate.

He said, “We made peace and he apologized.”

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