It’s a sin for a broke man to love me – Onyii Alex

Onyii Alex

Onyi Alex, a Nollywood actress, has said that a broke man professing love to her is a sin.

This was said by the actress in a Monday morning Instagram post.

“I hustle because I don’t want to be broke,” she says, “so I don’t think any broke man has the right to come up to me and declare his everlasting love for me.”

She did say, though, that it’s fine to trip from afar, but it’s not okay if the person wants to get into a relationship with her.

“It’s a sin for a broke man to declare he loves me,” she wrote. What do you mean?

“I work hard because I don’t want to go broke.” It’s fine to just take a trip from afar!

“The objective is to complete two hustles. Biko, not a hustle and a leach.”

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