Apostle Suleman breaks silence on sex allegations against him

Ifemeludike Chioma Grace and Apostle Suleman collage

Apostle Johnson Suleman of the Omega Fire Ministries has responded to Nollywood actress Ifemeludike Chioma Grace’s allegations that he had sex with her twice.

In a video on her Instagram page, Chioma said that the priest paid her over 500k to sleep with her.

She claimed that she made the decision to confess after her spirit continued to afflict her and she felt compelled to atone for her transgression.

She also revealed that she was unaware that the man of God was well-known at the time she had sexual relations with him.

In response, Apostle Suleman advised his church not to send him positive texts on Sunday.

During a lecture, Suleman stated that he had not watched the viral video on social media because he guards his heart.

Nigerians, he claims, react to what they see rather than what they know, adding that he is unconcerned about the rumour and will continue to execute the work that God has assigned to him.

“How come you’re encouraging a man who isn’t depressed?” I’ve been in a bad mood since yesterday. I received texts telling me not to be concerned. Read my expressions; if you see me in a bad mood, you can cheer me up,” he remarked.

He claims he is neither discouraged nor enraged by individuals who abuse him on social media since he is focused on his mission.

“As my wife can attest, I have not watched any of the tapes used against me. Many of you have seen it, but I haven’t because of the topic matter. “I can’t be affected by something I don’t see. Yesterday, someone gave me a video from a blog, and that was the last time I saw it on my phone.

So that I can have a relationship with God, I guard my heart. Put an end to all the rumours and slander. I don’t pay attention to anything that doesn’t encourage me,” he added.

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