Court sentenced man to death by hanging, read full details!

Nigerian Court

On Thursday, a Jigawa State High Court in Gumel sentenced Habibu Haruna to death by hanging for killing a woman with a hoe.

The court arraigned Habibu Haruna of Dan Makama Village in Suletankarkar Local Government guilty of homicide, according to the presiding judge, Justice M. A Sambo.

He claimed that the prosecutor had called two witnesses and offered remarks that had been noted as an evidence, and that the convict had testified in his own defense.

According to the medical report, the inmate struck one Aisha Adamu (dead) on the forehead with a hoe and stick, which caused her death.

The Court found Haruna guilty of murder and condemned him to death by hanging after concluding that the prosecution had established its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

He claims that the punishment will act as a deterrent to those who think the same way.

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