COVID – 19: Osun state records 13 fatalities in seven days

On Monday, the government of Osun State revealed that 13 of its COVID-19 patients had died in the previous seven days.

This came as it warned people of the state to be mindful of making the costly assumption that the state was COVID-19 virus-free.

It further stated that the state was now experiencing the third wave of dreadful sickness, which is exacerbated by the rapidly spreading new COVID-DELTA strain.

Mrs Funke Egbemode, the Commissioner for Information and Civic Orientation, said in a statement released after the weekly State Executive Council meeting on Monday that the state government was warning all residents to take responsibility for their personal safety and that continued disregard for safety protocols would only result in more fatalities.

The inevitable reappearance of the COVID-DELTA form, according to Egbemode, is steadily obliterating the state’s impressive successes in the fight against COVID-19 during the last year.

She attributed the revival to the people’s near-total relaxation of their defences.
“We recorded 13 COVID-19 linked deaths in only one week,” she says. The government is concerned about this unfortunate development.

“Let us remember that Osun is not an island; other states border us, and people travel in and out of the state for socioeconomic reasons daily.

“We must take responsibility for our own safety, especially given that the third wave is deadlier than the first two.”

Egbemode urged individuals to take serious action in terms of safety and subject themselves to testing to be certain of their status, particularly at the first symptom of the disease.

She suggested that making assumptions at this time could be costly because early detection is still crucial. After all, self-medication reduces the survival margin.

While stating that the government will continue to strengthen its efforts to combat the pandemic and its effects, she urged citizens to follow non-pharmaceutical safety protocols such as “always wearing face masks, keeping clean surfaces at home and workspaces, washing and sanitizing hands with liquid soap under running water as often as possible, and avoiding crowded spaces.”

“The more casual and irresponsible we become at the moment like this, the more vulnerable we are to the pandemic’s devastating effects,” she said.

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