Flood Destroys Houses and a Church in Akwa Ibom

In Eket, Akwa Ibom, four houses and a church were demolished by heavy rain fall on Thursday.

According to a correspondent for the Nigerian News Agency (NAN), torrential rains lasted 14 hours between 4 a.m. and 6 p.m., destroying many shops.

Rain demolished houses on seven streets in Eket, according to residents who talked with NAN on Friday.

Rain created havoc and demolished a church on Umana Ndon Street in Idung Afianwe, according to Mr Hezekiah Testimony, a local.

The early September rains, which lasted for 15 hours and caused flooding in Eket and its vicinity, was cited as a source of dissatisfaction in testimony.

He requested that the head of the Eket Local Government Council visit Afaha Eket to see how erosion was destroying homes.

“Let him come to Afaha Eket, where erosion is tearing down buildings as a result of the area’s water channel construction,” Testimony charged.

He asked the Akwa Ibom State Government to construct larger drains in Eket so that water could be channeled.

Mr Jimmy John, another resident, told NAN that floods had left Eket in a bad position every year.

According to John, an intervention agency handed an indigenous contractor a contract to open the Eket rivers, but the latter did a bad job.

“The canals were opened, but there was no risk assessment. As of right now, the intervention job has wreaked havoc on homes in Mkpok, Umana Ndon, and a church, with several houses on the verge of falling.

“What we anticipated of the intervention agency was to construct a conventional drainage in which it should have cast the rivers, not to deploy a bulldozer to open up the waterways and leave it like that,” he said.

People living beside the streams were instructed by John to demolish their structures so that the waterways may flow freely.

He pointed out that houses and properties worth millions of naira had been destroyed in Eket, and urged the state government to construct a drainage system to alleviate the people’s miseries.

Mr Samuel Mbong, a resident, complimented the intervention agency for opening the rivers and allowing free flow of stormwater in Eket and its environs, but also accused them of bad job.

The job, according to Mbong, needs to be finished with an embankment to secure residences along the water courses.

“My store is completely flooded. I’ve been fighting to get water out of my shop. My clothes, shoes, and belongings were all ruined,” he claimed.

Mbong urged the urban planning ministry and the state administration to take responsibility for their actions.

“Houses are being built in rivers because the town planning ministry and the government are failing to fulfill their jobs,” he explained. (NAN)

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