Heavy rain fall destroys houses in Ondo state

Following the death of a popular butcher in the community by a rainstorm, tragedy struck Ikare-Akoko, the Akoko North-East Local Government Area headquarters in Ondo State.

The heavy downpour, which lasted about 40 minutes, forced many people to flee their homes as the rainstorm destroyed them.
Ilepa, Okela, and parts of the Okoja quarters in the ancient town were particularly hard hit by the disaster.

The deceased butcher, identified only as ‘Ayepareti,’ was said to have died while seeking shelter from the rain at a house in Okela when the unfortunate incident occurred.

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According to reports, the building collapsed on him, and he was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

According to Ibrahim Kilani, a community leader, the torrential rain that began after heavy hailstones accompanied 7 p.m.

Elder James Oladetohun, Chairman of the Ikare Akoko Elders Forum, sympathized with the victims and urged the government to assist them.

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