Military jets invades Sokoto and Katsina forests, destroys bandits camps


Forces from Operation HADARIN DAJI have neutralized scores of bandits and destroyed their camps in the forests of Katsina and Sokoto.

In Katsina, a Nigerian Air Force (NAF) fighter aircraft bombarded approximately ten hideouts in the Rugu forest bordering the Kankara Local Government Area.

Over 30 bandits were killed, and others sustained varying degrees of injuries in a camp in Gajere.

In Sokoto, the NAF conducted strikes against the Mashema, Yanfako, Gebe, and Gatawa forests, located in two local government areas.

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The one-week offensive was launched following the identification of criminal locations and logistics by a series of aerial surveillance missions.

The military observed structures being used as staging areas for Turji and Maigona bandits planning and launching attacks.

“According to local sources, the aircraft struck the target areas with devastating accuracy, destroying several structures and neutralizing several bandits.

“Some local residents observed the fleeing survivors taking refuge in a primary school in Bafarawa village,” an officer told PRNigeria.

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