President Buhari lifts twitter ban on certain conditions

President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari announced on Friday that he had directed a conditional lifting of the ban on Twitter’s operations in Nigeria.

Buhari stated this in a nationwide broadcast to Nigerians to commemorate the country’s 61st anniversary of independence.

Recognizing Twitter as a very useful platform, the President expressed regret that some users have used it to spread fake news and promote ethnic and religious sentiments.

He directed that Twitter’s suspension be lifted, but only if the presidential committee’s conditions are met.

“Social media is a very useful platform that has enabled millions of Nigerians to connect with loved ones, promote their businesses, socialize, and access news and other information,” Buhari stated.

“However, recent events have demonstrated that the platform is more than just a harmless platform for information dissemination.”

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“To address these negative trends, the Federal Government of Nigeria suspended Twitter operations in Nigeria on June 5, 2021, to allow the government to implement measures to address these challenges.”

“Following the suspension of Twitter operations, Twitter Inc. sought to resolve the impasse with the Federal Government of Nigeria.

As a result, I formed a Presidential Committee to engage Twitter in order to explore the possibility of resolving the issue.

“The Committee, in collaboration with its Technical Team, has engaged with Twitter and addressed a number of critical issues. National Security and Cohesion; Registration, Physical Presence, and Representation; Fair Taxation; Dispute Resolution; and Local Content are among them.

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“Following extensive engagements, the issues are being addressed, and I have directed that the suspension be lifted, but only if the conditions for our citizens to continue using the platform for business and positive engagements are met.

Buhari went on to say that Nigeria is committed to ensuring that digital companies use their platforms to improve the lives of its citizens while also respecting Nigeria’s sovereignty and cultural values.

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