Taura local government in Jigawa state bans prostitution, alcoholic businesses

Jigawa state map

Commercial sex prostitutes and bartenders in Jigawa State’s Taura Local Government Area have been given seven days to leave.

Alhaji Baffa Yahaya, the council chairman, handed the notice after meeting with the security committee on Saturday.

He stated that the measure would benefit the local administration in its efforts to secure the area’s optimum security.

“From now on, prostitution, the sale of alcohol, and the consumption of alcohol are all forbidden in Taura Local Government. Anyone who is arrested will face the full force of the law.

“As a result, I issue a seven-day notice to everyone who uses it as a source of income to change businesses or evacuate the area,” he stated.

Baffa stated that anyone caught breaking the directives will face significant consequences from the council.

This comes after the local government in Gwaram gave a similar ultimatum to commercial sex workers and bartenders, telling them to alter their jobs or leave the area.

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