US pledge to assist Nigerians identify Boko Haram sponsors


The US has stated its willingness to assist in identifying the sponsors of Boko Haram and other terrorist groups causing havoc in Nigeria.

This was revealed by the US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mary Leonard, at a discussion with journalists in Abuja on Monday.

“That is something we are extremely ready to partner Nigeria on,” Leonard said when asked what the US will do to help the country uncover the sponsors of terrorism in the country.

“In the previous two months, I’ve had at least three chats about this topic.

“I prefer not to delve into specifics.”
She slammed the concept put up by certain Nigerians that the US-Nigeria relationship would implode, pointing out that, unlike Afghanistan, the two countries have a solid bilateral relationship.

“I hear a lot of people using the Afghanistan analogy,” she continued, “but it doesn’t fit up.”

“If you listen to what Vice President Biden stated about why troops went to Afghanistan in the first place, it was because of a terrible catastrophe in which over 3,000 Americans were slain.

“That’s a very other constructs. The sovereign nations with which there has been a long-standing bilateral relationship. I don’t believe the two are compatible.”

General Jeffrey Harrigian, Commander, US Air Forces in Europe, also spoke to the press, saying that the purchase of Tucano fighter jets was an opportunity to strengthen the US-Nigeria partnership while also reducing insecurity.

“The A-29 Super Tucano allows us to re-establish our connection with Nigeria,” he stated.

According to reports, the country is currently experiencing its worst security crisis due to terrorist groups and bandits who have been killing unsuspecting residents.

Even though some rebels have surrendered to the Nigerian military after being attacked, notably in the northeast, the security situation in the region has remained unaltered.

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