NIGERIA set to get $400m from world for COVID- 19 vaccination

World Bank announced in a statement on Friday, in Washington that they have approves $400m credit for Nigeria to scale up COVID-19 vaccination.

Following the Federal Government’s plan to limit the local transmission of COVID-19 and limit the spread of the virus in urban and rural places across the country, the bank said that the fund is solely to provide earliest financing for safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines and distribution within the country and that it would be implemented as part of the COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Project.

Mr Shubham Chaudhuri, World Bank Country Director for Nigeria, said as the Nigerian government continues to tackle the effect of a third wave of the pandemic, it was important for citizens to continue getting vaccines in addition to the use of non-pharmaceutical interventions.

He added that it was to avoid the dreadful consequences of another lockdown as the country is still recovering from the effects of the first wave.

The World Bank Task Team Leader for the project, Mr Ayodeji Ajiboye further added:

It was gathered that world bank is financing over 50 low- and middle-income countries, more than half of which are in Africa, with the purchase of COVID-19 vaccines.

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