Former Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi, speaks about his political life and intentions

Ex-governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria and deposed Emir of Kano, Sanusi Muhammad Sanusi II, recently spoke about his experience as chief regulator of the banking industry as well as the rumors that he was eyeing politics. Sanusi finally reveals that political ambition was never on his cards.

While Speaking in the federal capital territory at a dinner organized in his honor to celebrate his 60th birthday, he further explained how he understands that sensitive nerves are ruptured when the truth is revealed, but will not be stopped in speaking against injustice, inequality, and government failure, regardless of whose ox is gored.

He said:

“People keep asking me what next I want to do and let me state here for those who keep talking about politics that I have never hidden the fact that my ambition was to be Emir of Kano, I have never hidden my intention about anything.

“So, if I say I am not interested in politics, it is because I am not interested. If I wanted to go into politics, I would have come out and say I am contesting for the Presidency of Nigeria. But I am not just interested and the reason is that I have not prepared myself for politics.

“I prepared myself a long time ago for academic life, I prepared myself for banking, I prepared myself for the Emirate but I have not had one day experience in politics.

“I have applied and I have been admitted and from September, I will be writing a Ph.D. in law in the University of London and I’m writing my thesis on the codification of Muslim family law as an instrument of social reforms”.

While thanking God for his protection and favor upon him in the last 60 years, the former Emir called on those in privileged positions to use their resources to impact the lives of the people around them positively.

He added:

“I have been fortunate, I have seen the highs and lows of life and I truly have so much to be thankful for. At age of 60, I won’t say I have achieved but the favors that I have been bestowed upon me are huge.

“I was the Chief Risk Officer of First Bank and the only Northern Nigerian Chief Executive Officer of First Bank in over 125 years, then Governor of CBN and Emir and now the Khalifa and the third holder of this title, I have nothing but gratitude to offer.”

The former Emir spoke about how he was imprisoned for over a year in Sokoto when he was much younger on trumped-up charges, he made his listeners understand there’s nothing for him to fear again when it comes to prison life.

Sanusi who is now the Khalifa Tijjaniya in Nigeria told the gathering that even if he was put in jail, he would have served his term, come out from prison alive, continue to speak against evil, and raise his voice for a better Nigeria.

“Apart from death, in human history, man has not designed any punishment for a fellow man that is worse than prison and isolation. What is the greatest threat anyone can do to me? If you tell me you will jail me, I have been there. That is the worst. Or if you kill me, we will all die anyway.

“So those of you that are afraid that they will send the police after me or if I go to prison I will die, someone has been there”, he stated.

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