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“Nigerians are most miserable in Africa under Buhari’s regime” – Ex minister, Jerry Gana

Ex minister, Jerry Gana

Jerry Gana, a former minister of communications and presidential candidate for the Social Democratic Party (SDP), has claimed that Nigerians are the happiest in Africa since “nothing is working in the country.”

Gana said this in Abuja during a retreat hosted by the Kogi Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Renaissance Group.
He claimed that most Nigerians suffering at present are youths who have become “jobless and despairing” due to the current administration’s “tough economic policies.”

Gana argued that the PDP was Nigerians’ only hope of returning to sanity.

“Nigeria has the highest suffering index in Africa,” he remarked. Because nothing is moving, we are the happiest people in Africa. In reality, our money has lost all of its worth. Nigeria is going through a very trying period.

“The Naira is arguably one of Africa’s most useless currencies today. I’ve never seen anything like what we see now in terms of corruption.”

According to the former minister, the extent of corruption in Buhari’s administration makes the PDP’s previous administrations look like angels.

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