President Buhari is so unfair to South East – Nnadi


Chief Emmanuel Nnadi of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has once again urged the people of the South-East to abandon the notion that President Muhammadu Buhari is unjust to the region.

Nnadi, who spoke to journalists in Enugu over the weekend, claimed that, contrary to popular belief, the Buhari presidency had had a more significant impact in the South-East than all previous presidents combined.

While noting that some politicians were merely playing politics with the situation in the South-East, he said the time had come for the people of the region to embrace the Buhari administration, particularly as the 2023 general election approached.

“We once had a Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, led government in place, which had several Igbo men and women as members of the kitchen cabinet, but we did not see anything on the ground in the South-East,” he observed. All we saw was them tarring their pockets and abandoning the poor masses to their fate.

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“However, with Buhari’s election, all of that changed, as federal roads in the South-East have received attention for the first time since 1999. We have never seen this before, not even under the previous PDP government, we referred to as our own.

“Throughout the PDP years, the Akanu Ibiam International Airport remained in disrepair. It took a Buhari presidency to put things right. Throughout the PDP administration, the 2nd Niger Bridge was used as a campaign tool. It took a Buhari administration to start working on it. The list goes on and on.

“For those discussing appointments, I’d like to ask, what did the South-East gain from the slew of arrangements made during the Obasanjo and Jonathan administrations? What did they accomplish with crucial leadership positions in the National Assembly, including juicy committee assignments?

“So, it is not about appointments; it is about a genuine desire to work for the people; that is what our people lack. Today, however, we have a government that has demonstrated that sincerity. We should not blame our problems on the Buhari administration, but on those who have previously held positions of power; they are the true enemies of our people.”

He expressed confidence that the President would do even more for the people of the zone if he received adequate support.

“Despite the economic challenges, President Buhari has demonstrated sufficient commitment to transform the country. Ndigbo should back him up; we must not let a few people play politics with our future,” Nnadi advised.

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