President Buhari vows to fight economic challenges facing South Sudan

President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari said on Tuesday that Nigeria is ready to assist South Sudan in achieving political and economic stability.

During a bilateral meeting with South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir in Addis Abeba, President Buhari made the promise.

Buhari also promised Nigeria’s full support in bringing long-term stability and prosperity to the entire continent.

“Nigeria will contribute as much as possible to South Sudan’s development. Take us under your wing and ask what we can do.” Buhari informed South Sudan’s PPresident.

He emphasized the importance of developing-country cooperation, saying that investments in education, the economy, and healthcare will undoubtedly improve things.

Concerning the situation in Guinea and Mali, President Buhari reiterated that African leaders must support efforts to restore democracy in the two countries.

The President expressed concern that the proliferation of arms and the problems in the Sahel would continue as long as Libya remained unstable.

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In his remarks, President Kiir acknowledged Nigeria’s leadership role in Africa and praised the country’s efforts in South Sudan’s liberation struggle.

He also praised Nigeria’s First Lady for assisting in the education of many South Sudanese girls in the country.

“Whenever a country in West Africa has a problem, ECOWAS steps in right away. That should be implemented in East and Central Africa,” he says.

President Buhari and President Kiir were among several African leaders who attended Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s inauguration ceremony for a second five-year term.

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